Broken Volume 1 – After the Plague Book Review

Broken Volume 1 After the Plague by Imogen Keeper is a fascinating tale of disease and survival that is painfully relatable in today’s ‘new normal’ world. While people die around her the main character does her best to ignore what is going on around her, sadly when someone close to her passes away she has no other choice but to start to act. The main characters desire to try and hide from the pain going on around her is very realistic and relatable.

Expanding from the character mention above the others are all well written and interesting. They also act appropriately to the age of the character, which makes them even more enjoyable. It can often be difficult to write a proper child character, as its been a long time since the average writer was a five years old. However, the author has made each character believable.

Moving on to the story, as mentioned before, it is painfully relatable in our current COVID world. Though the disease in this story has a different origin and is twice as deadly, it is something all of us can relate to in our lives now, that at one point we could have only guessed at.

One thing to note, if you are easily offended, the characters in this book talk like actual people. There are curses used and a sex scene. These are not excessive and fit to the style and setting of the story.

Final thoughts on the book? You should pick it up, its a fantastic book!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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