The Lucky Diamond – Book Review

The Lucky Diamond by Valinora Troy is an exciting fantasy adventure that, while aimed at children, is certainly exciting enough for even an adult reader to follow along with. I had a great time following siblings trying to find their uncle in a creative fantasy world will many colorful creators and magical beings. 

The story of The Lucky Diamond is a creative adventure that I found myself getting in to from the beginning. Watching the children live their lives from a drastic beginning to a happy ending was exciting every step of the way. 

The characters are fanciful and well thought out. Even the magical creatures and people feel as if they are grounded in the world and make sense for the setting. Including a flying canoe I found myself particularly fond of.

The Lucky Diamond is a great read, and if you have a children of middle age reading, or you just like to read everything that crosses your path like I do, I would suggest picking this up. You are going to have a whole lot of fun!

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