The Girl in the Corn – Book Review

The Girl in the Corn by Jason Offutt if a curious combination of fantasy and horror. The story leads two boys through their lives. One a boy who grows in to a man just trying to get by even though he knows there is some strange magic in the world and a monster wants to eat the world. And another boy who is quickly turned in to a demented murderer by the monster and goes through his life murdering in different ways after spending much of his life in a mental hospital.

This is a dark tale, bringing out some of the darker aspects of fae and other folklore. Showing their mischievous and murderous ways and not focusing on the popular, sweet, helpful magical aspects that many people seem to think of. The fae in this story are certainly no Tinker Bell fairies.

The story is exciting and ranges most of the two boys’ lives, showing you how they have interacted with the monster and each other from the time they are small children until their adulthood. The characters are realistic, and their reactions to what goes on around them makes sense. And quiet a bit seems to be going on around them.

Over all The Girl in the Corn is a great book, and I would strongly recommend it to fans of dark fantasy.

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