Sinomia:The World of Dreams – Middle Grade book review

Sinomia: The World of Dreams is a lovely middle age story about a young boy trying to cope with the idea that his parents are getting a divorce, and the mysterious dream world that he finds himself in while she dreams and the people within that help him come to terms with his reality. 

The story of Sinomia is one that is relatable to anyone who comes from a home with parents who have separated, and we all know those numbers are higher than many of them wish they were. I found myself able to relate to the issues of little Scott, though my own parents separated decades ago. And while I do not recall having any nightly adventures, children find interesting ways to cope.

The world of Sinomia is a colorful and creative fantasy world that the author clearly put quite a bit of work in to. The map at the start of the book is a finely detailed creation of world-building excellence, though still simple enough for the middle grade reader to comprehend. Alongside the world, the characters of Sinomia are colorful and creative people and creatures ranging from pirates to dragons.

Sinomia: The World of Dreams is an excellent adventure for any middle grade reader, particularly fitting for those who have come from homes that have divorced parents now. I would suggest picking up this book for your child it is an great read.

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