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The Doomsday Medallion – Book Review

The Doomsday Medallion by Avanti Centrae is a curious combination of historical fact and fiction combined with a spy thriller. The story being part of a series; it follows a group of people who work for an organization known as VanOps. These people have fascinating skills that allow them to achieve their goals on their missions.

While not a huge fan of this genre, I figured i would give it a try with this book and I can say I enjoyed it. This was probably due to the slight fantasy aspect that this series has. 

The character of The Doomsday Medallion are well written and their interactions feel realistic, even if they may have some strange powers. The story of the novel is also very good, though I could not help but feel as though it ended a bit abruptly and person some of the loose ends felt a bit forced when tied up.

All in all The Doomsday Medallion is an entertaining book and worth picking up!


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