Polar Night – Book Review

So I am going to begin by saying that there is nothing quite like a good monster story. Particularly one that looks at how monstrous people can be as well as whatever is going bump in the night. Polar Night creates a frightening environment because of both the strange eldritch horrors that await the cast of characters, and how those around them are handling the conflict.

Polar Night has a large cast of characters, though given the horrific nature of the story you do not get to attached to most of them. The ones you do, well it has been some time since I have loved a book that put characters through so much torture. Particularly ones I enjoy. Sadly, even my favorite character suffered an unfortunate loss, leaving me mildly annoyed but still unable to put the story down. This is always a sign of an excellent writer.

The story of Polar Night is fantastic. And while not every question is answered, this fits well with the story, as we don’t always get answers we want, anyway. Sometimes it’s fun to wonder what exactly something was. And you do wonder what the horrors the characters deal with really are.

Polar Night is a fantastic novel that I suggest you pick up. I will be reading it again some time soon I am sure.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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