The Cabin Sessions – Book Review

The Cabin Sessions by Isobel Blackthorn is an exciting thriller following the points of view of various characters as they deal with being stuck in an enclosed space on Christmas eve and the various traumas of their past and crimes. 

Now I will begin by stating that the above is the most simplified synopsis I might give without ruining any of this amazing thriller. I was so in to this story that I made the huge mistake of staying up most of the night to finish the book. Normally when I do this, it ends up being a regret as I am exhausted and disappointed in how a book ended but The Cabin Sessions did not disappoint.

Moving on to the nuts and bolts now, the characters are realistic, even if they span various levels of lies and madness, but let’s be honest, what group of people does not? Each character is well written. As this story is told from the first person views of the characters, it is clear that the author took time to truly get to know each character as they all feel well rounded.

The Cabin Sessions is a must read of anyone who enjoys a good thriller!

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