Crom The Barbarian – Gamebook Review

Crom The Barbarian is a Gamebook by W. Caddell using stories from Crom the Barbarian, a public domain character with some really heavy Conan feels, and an easy enough play system to learn, though definitely different from others.

This is not exactly like one of your old choose your old adventure stories. As the dice place a heavy role in how things are handled in each scenario. But you do have quite a few choices in how you can make your character, or simply play as the titular character Crom.

Now I am not going to go in to full details on the system or the stories you can play though this as that would ruin quite a bit of the excitement of picking up this book yourself. However, I will strongly suggest that, if you’re looking for a single player game to get your dice rolling kicks out of, this is a far game to pick up.

You can find Crom the Barbarian here!

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