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The Rise of Riverstone – Book Review

The Rise of Riverstone by Mandy Schimelpfenig is an absolutely amazing novel. Following the story of Laria Audrey, told in the first person, as she goes from her life as a privileged adolescent who like so many young woman, begrudges her family and her appearance, to a life as a servant hiding behind a lie of being deaf and mute.

The first thing that stands out about this novel is the fact that main character, Laria, is a genuinely strong female protagonist. Sure, she’s not hefting around a sword and taking off the heads of enemies, but she’s also not a wilting wall flower waiting to be swept up by prince charming. In fact, romance does not come up in the story until later chapters at a point where it fits the progression of the story and you actually feel for the characters you are reading about.

Besides the main character, each fits perfectly in the well-built world that the author has created for us. While we are only given a little bit of information on the world as a whole, and only two countries, you can tell that the author has put a lot of work in to her world building giving a vibrant world for the amazing characters to live in.

This brilliant fantasy novel is my new second favorite novel (sorry the first will always be Tolkien’s The Two Towers) and will be read and shared with friends seeing a good read for years to come. Plus unrelated to the story, the book is just beautiful to look at and a perfect addition to any collection.

Do you want to feel for excellently written characters and enjoy a lovely world? Pick this book up immediately.

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What I read on – Kindle Fire 10 Review and Affiliate Post

(This post includes and affiliate link. When you use the affiliate link to purchase an item I get a percentage that goes to help support Domain names cost money after all! I will never suggest you buy a product that I do not believe is great myself.)

So I was asked pretty recently what it is I read on. I figured I would not only review this but throw in an affiliate link I happen to have with Amazon. Now if you have read my posts for a while you know I love Audible, which is an Amazon company, and as a book reviewer, the majority of authors I speak to sell their work on Amazon so naturally with these two things in mind I picked up using the Kindle.

So far I have owned three Kindles. The Kindle Fire 7, 8, and now the 10. And while I have enjoyed each and everyone on of them I have to say that I am particularly fond of the Kindle Fire 10. Why? Well not only is it the fastest so far, it is also the biggest. Why do I need a huge 10.1″ screen to read? Because I have amblyopia (lazy eye) and my eyes like to randomly unfocus when I am staring at text too long, which is every day, because staring at text is part of my job. The big screen makes it easier for me to change text size as my eyesight requires with out ruining the formatting of books to severely, which was an issue I had on smaller screens. (Yes, I have had to make text very large at times.)

Now beyond reading the Kindle Fire 10 is great for all your procrastinating needs with access to most of the streaming sites and Spotify. The one complaint, you can’t use Google play stuff on an Amazon device… but there are some pretty good substitutions through Amazon and Microsoft if you are in a real pinch.

Feel free to use my links to the three Fire Tablets I mentioned above and help support Books and Games so I can keep bringing you great reviews and interviews!

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Bubbly Belle – Affiliate Post -20% Off when you use my code!

(This review contains an affiliate link that when used to purchase items gives me a percentage of sales which go to help supporting the cost of maintain The use of Affiliate links does not change my opinion on products and I will never display something I would not use myself. You can find this sites affiliate disclosure here or linked at the top of the page.)

So before I even begin I am sure you are wondering, why the hell does a bath-bomb have to do with books and games? Well if you are anything like myself you are either reading, or playing games on your phone/various handheld device while you soak up the bubbly benevolence. Plus I live in Florida and these joyous tennis ball sized bath-bombs are made nearby!

Yeah I use Bubbly Belle when I need a break. My mother introduced it to me, thinking that a long soak would help with my horrendous case of arthritis. It does. While I can’t say I have tried every single product from Bubbly Belle, I can tell you I have tried their Ring Bath Bombs. Yes I said ring! You get a lovely little gem tucked safely inside a little plastic container once you have soaked up all the delight of the bomb itself.

I am particularly fond of the massage scent which I could happily suck up every damn day. If you are interested in trying out Bubbly Belle you can use my link here. Or use my code B&G20 for 20% off!

I really hope you enjoy them!

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Audible – Affiliate Post

This post contains an affiliate post. Sales made from using my link give me a percentage which goes to support this blog! Affiliate sales make it easier to maintain the costs of site management and domain name. The fact that I get a percentage does not change my opinion on Audible.

Audible is one of my favorite audiobook sites. While it’s known that Audible has an amazing selection of audiobooks I have to admit I was rather stunned when I saw how much actually comes with an Audible membership. It is well known that your membership gets you one credit per month that allows you to buy any audiobook on the site and those credits remain for a whole year so you can buy a whole series if you desire. However, what stunned me was when I found out Audible has more than just audiobooks.

Besides the credit you get each month with your membership Audible also has a huge selection in their plus catalog. Due to this extensive catalog I am currently undergoing a task I had wished to do for years. I am listening to War and Peace! This massive tome is a book that I have wanted to read for years but never had the time to sit down and do so. This amazing narration by Thandiwe Newton brings the book to life, and being able to listen to it on the go makes it easier to get through this massive classic.

Below is a direct link to the book I am currently reading. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have been. I’ve only got about 19 hours left and loving every moment of it!

Try Audible and listen to War and Peace to experience this classic you know you always wanted to pick up!

You can use my QR code if you prefer.

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The Radius Book 3 – Book Review

The Radius Book 3: Fighting for the Radius by D.M. Muga is the final and most exciting book in The Radius series. Picking up on the heels of the second novel, this third installment continues the adventures of Ben Reilly and his friends and family as they reach the explosive culmination of this saga. Having met friendly faces from the dreaded Earth 2 that had been mentioned in the previous books, the group must fight with their new-found friends to defend what is left of their home and the human race!

Naturally it is hard to not find this sort of story exciting. Unlike with many a dystopian novel The Radius series, and particularly this last book’s characters have taken a balls to the wall approach. Heavily armed and not afraid to use their firearms when the situation requires it, and later more sci-fi technology, these characters are strong and well written. I found the female characters in this last novel to be particularly interesting, as the author manages to avoid writing them as overly sensitive and unreasonable character as often happens when male authors try to get deep in to the mentality of female characters. So we are left with exciting interstellar females who are as strong as their male counter-parts.

Now I should add that this is a violent book, while there is sci-fi violence, there are also some very bloody scenes that may be offensive to some people, however if you have reached this third Radius book then you know what to expect from Muga’s writing and will not be surprised by the decisions his characters make. Beyond the violence there is also sexual situations. In short, this is not a book for the young or sensitive to read. However, if you are looking for a realistic (for science fiction) end of the world read D.M. Muga and The Radius is a must read.

I found this book on Reedsy Discovery.

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The Radius Book 1 – Review

The Radius Book 1: Adapting to the Radius is the first book in the series of sci-fi post-apocalyptic books by D.M. Muga the story follows several characters as they strive to survive in a world after a group of scientists collide two stars and all the terrible possibilities that could come from such a reaction come true.

Naturally as the world for the people trapped inside of a black hole goes to pieces violent and deadly reactions happen, not from the results of the horrible nature defying actions, but by the humans that are surviving in this world. Proving as with so many post-apocalyptic stories, that we are our own worst enemies.

Now, as this is a violent post-apocalyptic story there is heavy use of swear worlds, in both English and Spanish. Beyond the language there is also a collection of triggering actions that happen within the story such as rape and gun use, so if these issues make you uncomfortable you should probably just skip this series. If you are fine with fictional violence than this book should be right of the alley of any post-apocalyptic story fan.

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The Frequency – Book Review

The Frequency by Terry Kitto is an exciting and slightly horrific trip through the world of the dead. A teenage girl is seemingly possessed, but a group of people known as witnesses help her, opening a path to a world where death and the afterlife are much more than anyone could have ever believed. Witnesses are sensitive to a certain frequency, allowing them to commune with the dead in different ways, making this story one of the more interesting looks at the afterlife.

Terry Kitto does an amazing job of introducing us to this original idea, mixing the bits of science created for this world alongside the clearly supernatural events. The story is exciting and fast-paced. And as it follows multiple characters, you are never have a chance to get bored with one particular aspect of the story, not that such an interesting setting would allow for that, anyway. These characters all have deep histories and backgrounds that allow them to experience the world in different ways. Each has a painfully damaged past that allows for some intensely horrific outcomes.

The world of the story is well made. At times an author’s additions to the real world can feel forced, but all the scientific and supernatural aspects Kitto adds are explained in a way that does not feel forced or confusing.

The Frequency should be picked up by fans of supernatural horror, thrillers, and really anyone looking for an exciting read!