The Frequency – Book Review

The Frequency by Terry Kitto is an exciting and slightly horrific trip through the world of the dead. A teenage girl is seemingly possessed, but a group of people known as witnesses help her, opening a path to a world where death and the afterlife are much more than anyone could have ever believed. Witnesses are sensitive to a certain frequency, allowing them to commune with the dead in different ways, making this story one of the more interesting looks at the afterlife.

Terry Kitto does an amazing job of introducing us to this original idea, mixing the bits of science created for this world alongside the clearly supernatural events. The story is exciting and fast-paced. And as it follows multiple characters, you are never have a chance to get bored with one particular aspect of the story, not that such an interesting setting would allow for that, anyway. These characters all have deep histories and backgrounds that allow them to experience the world in different ways. Each has a painfully damaged past that allows for some intensely horrific outcomes.

The world of the story is well made. At times an author’s additions to the real world can feel forced, but all the scientific and supernatural aspects Kitto adds are explained in a way that does not feel forced or confusing.

The Frequency should be picked up by fans of supernatural horror, thrillers, and really anyone looking for an exciting read!

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