The Radius Book 1 – Review

The Radius Book 1: Adapting to the Radius is the first book in the series of sci-fi post-apocalyptic books by D.M. Muga the story follows several characters as they strive to survive in a world after a group of scientists collide two stars and all the terrible possibilities that could come from such a reaction come true.

Naturally as the world for the people trapped inside of a black hole goes to pieces violent and deadly reactions happen, not from the results of the horrible nature defying actions, but by the humans that are surviving in this world. Proving as with so many post-apocalyptic stories, that we are our own worst enemies.

Now, as this is a violent post-apocalyptic story there is heavy use of swear worlds, in both English and Spanish. Beyond the language there is also a collection of triggering actions that happen within the story such as rape and gun use, so if these issues make you uncomfortable you should probably just skip this series. If you are fine with fictional violence than this book should be right of the alley of any post-apocalyptic story fan.

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