The Radius Book 3 – Book Review

The Radius Book 3: Fighting for the Radius by D.M. Muga is the final and most exciting book in The Radius series. Picking up on the heels of the second novel, this third installment continues the adventures of Ben Reilly and his friends and family as they reach the explosive culmination of this saga. Having met friendly faces from the dreaded Earth 2 that had been mentioned in the previous books, the group must fight with their new-found friends to defend what is left of their home and the human race!

Naturally it is hard to not find this sort of story exciting. Unlike with many a dystopian novel The Radius series, and particularly this last book’s characters have taken a balls to the wall approach. Heavily armed and not afraid to use their firearms when the situation requires it, and later more sci-fi technology, these characters are strong and well written. I found the female characters in this last novel to be particularly interesting, as the author manages to avoid writing them as overly sensitive and unreasonable character as often happens when male authors try to get deep in to the mentality of female characters. So we are left with exciting interstellar females who are as strong as their male counter-parts.

Now I should add that this is a violent book, while there is sci-fi violence, there are also some very bloody scenes that may be offensive to some people, however if you have reached this third Radius book then you know what to expect from Muga’s writing and will not be surprised by the decisions his characters make. Beyond the violence there is also sexual situations. In short, this is not a book for the young or sensitive to read. However, if you are looking for a realistic (for science fiction) end of the world read D.M. Muga and The Radius is a must read.

I found this book on Reedsy Discovery.

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