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So before I even begin I am sure you are wondering, why the hell does a bath-bomb have to do with books and games? Well if you are anything like myself you are either reading, or playing games on your phone/various handheld device while you soak up the bubbly benevolence. Plus I live in Florida and these joyous tennis ball sized bath-bombs are made nearby!

Yeah I use Bubbly Belle when I need a break. My mother introduced it to me, thinking that a long soak would help with my horrendous case of arthritis. It does. While I can’t say I have tried every single product from Bubbly Belle, I can tell you I have tried their Ring Bath Bombs. Yes I said ring! You get a lovely little gem tucked safely inside a little plastic container once you have soaked up all the delight of the bomb itself.

I am particularly fond of the massage scent which I could happily suck up every damn day. If you are interested in trying out Bubbly Belle you can use my link here. Or use my code B&G20 for 20% off!

I really hope you enjoy them!

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