What I read on – Kindle Fire 10 Review and Affiliate Post

(This post includes and affiliate link. When you use the affiliate link to purchase an item I get a percentage that goes to help support books-and-games.com. Domain names cost money after all! I will never suggest you buy a product that I do not believe is great myself.)

So I was asked pretty recently what it is I read on. I figured I would not only review this but throw in an affiliate link I happen to have with Amazon. Now if you have read my posts for a while you know I love Audible, which is an Amazon company, and as a book reviewer, the majority of authors I speak to sell their work on Amazon so naturally with these two things in mind I picked up using the Kindle.

So far I have owned three Kindles. The Kindle Fire 7, 8, and now the 10. And while I have enjoyed each and everyone on of them I have to say that I am particularly fond of the Kindle Fire 10. Why? Well not only is it the fastest so far, it is also the biggest. Why do I need a huge 10.1″ screen to read? Because I have amblyopia (lazy eye) and my eyes like to randomly unfocus when I am staring at text too long, which is every day, because staring at text is part of my job. The big screen makes it easier for me to change text size as my eyesight requires with out ruining the formatting of books to severely, which was an issue I had on smaller screens. (Yes, I have had to make text very large at times.)

Now beyond reading the Kindle Fire 10 is great for all your procrastinating needs with access to most of the streaming sites and Spotify. The one complaint, you can’t use Google play stuff on an Amazon device… but there are some pretty good substitutions through Amazon and Microsoft if you are in a real pinch.

Feel free to use my links to the three Fire Tablets I mentioned above and help support Books and Games so I can keep bringing you great reviews and interviews!

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