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Tapestry of my Mother’s Life – Book Review

Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life: Stories, Fragments, and Silences by Malve Von Hassell is a charming telling of a woman’s life. Far more than simply a description or another wartime memory, this story is the bits and pieces of a long, difficult but ultimately happy life that a woman can put together through old photographs and letters tucked away in her late mother’s possessions. Letters and pictures from times of war and trials that had survived the difficult years.

Each chapter of Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life is a carefully pieced-together tale of a certain portion of Christa’s life. While the author admits she has put some guesswork into many aspects of her mother’s younger years, given the woman was quiet, and silent on her life while she lived, however, the story and history that is formed for us are certainly believable given the time and place, particularly the major differences between pre and postwar Germany and the difficult effects it had on each family members from how they lived to who lived.

I strongly suggest picking up Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life if you are interested in history, or simply have a woman who has had an important impact on your life, as this story will remind many of relatives, and perhaps leave you wondering what secrets your own family had hidden in drawers.

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Closer Than You Know – Magical Point and Click Adventure

Closer Than You Know is a point and click adventure. You follow a young girl who is trying to collect hope to bring home. I was able to play some of the demo at MomoCon and was almost instantly sucked in to the story of a young girl who was just having fun making her own toys, only to be contained for it! I know I will be picking this game up on Steam once I get home so I can find out the rest! I was able to speak to the devloper about her work.

Forgive the convention noise I like to post condid footage from creators.

I strongly suggest this wonderful game, which can be found on Steam for anyone who is looking for a story that will cheer up your day.

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Check X Mate a new spin on chess

Do you like chess? Of course you do. Don’t answer that. I personally do enjoy it. I suck at it, but I enjoy it. So I was excited to see that one of the games that had a demo for guests at MomoCon to play was Check X Mate. A game where the chess peices are actual characters in a magical story. Not only do you get to play a fantastic story, but you also get to brush up on your chess skills, or just prove to everyone that you are really a chess master.

I had the luck of getting a short chat with a developer. Here is a video of him telling you about Check X Mate.

I strongly suggest that if you are at MomoCon right now you find these folks on the exhibition floor and try out the demo for yourself.

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MomoCon Adventures incoming!

So while I have not talked about my media pass for MomoCon on my blog as much as I should have, I can say I have made sure to make sure that my social media pages know that I was heading out to s.Atlanta to cover a massive animation, gaming and comic convention. As you know from my previous coverage I adore this sort of thing, even though it feels as though I am running on bloody stumps by the end of the day.

So far, I am only one day in to things I have managed to gathers some interesting cosplayers, and some fantastic blurbs from game deverlopers whoes games I have tried.

Expect to see posts soon regarding each of the great things I have managed to find to share with you!

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She Who Rides Horses – Book Review

She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe by Sarah V Barnes is an exciting historical fiction adventure taking place some 6,000 years ago in which a teenage girl decides that instead of simply using the wild horses as food, she wants to ride one. From a modern perspective, the idea that anyone would find riding horses odd is a hard concept to follow. That is just what we do with them after all, but someone had to have come up with the idea at some point. Sarah V Barnes does a wonderful job of telling us the story of the domestication of horses while also giving us exciting characters and a thrilling adventure of near-death experiences, otherworldly visions, and romance.

She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe by Sarah V Barnes as stated above is an exciting story. However, the story is also filled with colorful characters and well-researched aspects of the time the story takes place. How the people live in a historical fiction work is often as important as the story, as knowing how the day-to-day requirements of people work allow us to feel more for the characters as we understand their world better. Let’s be honest, the average reader hasn’t researched how life was 6,000 years ago, as such Barnes’s descriptions are spot on in helping you to understand the world as it was at the time her fictional story would have taken place. I will warn you though, that this story ends on an intense cliffhanger, leaving you champing at the bit for the continuation of this tale.

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Audible – Affiliate Post

(This post contains an affiliate link. When purchases are made with the links posted a percentage is given to me so I can support the website and continue to bring reviews and other neat tools to readers. You can find the affiliate disclosure for the site at the top of the page, or check out this link. I will never offer you a product I would not use myself.)

I love audiobooks. They make my life much easier when I have multiple things to do during the day. Audible is one of the main sites I use to find audiobooks I want to listen to. It has a vast selection of not only popular audiobooks but originals and podcasts.

With an Audible membership, you get one credit a month. I know, many sites will offer you one credit a month but what Audible has over the other sites is that they have a huge collection of books included in their membership as well. It is hard to run out of things to read.

Use my link here to get a trial of Audible. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.