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BookSirens – Affiliate Post

(This is an Affiliate Post, if you use my link I get a percentage that goes towards supporting my website, which allows me to continue to help you find honest reviews and interviews! I will never promote something I do not think is great! You can find my full affiliate disclosure here. )

So, getting book reviews can be difficult. Really difficult honestly. Thankfully there are a lot of places you can seek willing reviewers who will give honest reviews that should help you out. Once of these places is Book Sirens. I ran in to this site when I was recruited to join it as a reviewer through someone who found me on GoodReads. Its been one of my favorite places to find books to review since. Now if I could only find more time to use it!

They have a great collection of reviewers, including myself, that will happily read your book. Remember a book review not only helps people decide if your book is right for them, but it always is a learning experience for the author!

Check out BookSirens here!


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