The Last Keeper – Book Review

The Last Keeper by J.V. Hilliard is the first book in The Warminster Series. The tale followers multiple characters as fate twists them in to an adventures that had been decades in the making. A prophetic child, elves, rangers, and royalty. Everything you could ask from a fantasy series with the authors own touch in world building, making that adventure of each character feel original as they battle through their individual journey to an exciting culmination, and a painful cliffhanger.

The Last Keeper is a well-written fantasy novel, it takes place in an original world with many familiar types of people, as well as creatures and people original to the Hilliard’s work. I am always a sticker for world building, being a lover of it in my own work, and admittedly tend to be really picky about it when I read fantasy novels, as many a world seems like a copy and paste without an original touch. Thankfully, The Last Keeper avoids this, the colorful races of the world all feel similar to the classic fantasy races we all know, but are just varied enough to keep them interesting. It is exciting to learn about their various customs as you read.

Beyond excellent world building, the characters are varied, each with their own personality and behaviors making them as exciting to learn about as the world and the people they belong to. Even the way that the characters interact with one another feels natural making conversations as interesting to read as the action that fills much of this novel.

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