The End of Miracles – Audiobook Review

There are very few moments in life when I will take the time to sit down and listen to an entire audiobook in one sitting. Today was one of those days when I began listening to The End of Miracles by Monica Starkman. I will begin by saying that the book covers some intensive subjects that may not be suitable for all people, particularly those in the process of a mental health crisis. However, as a person who has also battled with severe mental health conditions, I can also say it was particularly cathartic to read this novel written by a psychiatrist. 

The End of Miracles is an intense novel following the main character Margo as she copes with the desperate desire to have a child, losing the child, and dealing with the existing and lingering mental illness that the loss seems to bring out in her. This story has a realistic look at mental health issues, which displays the author’s excellent grasp on her field of study. Many novels comprising mental health patients and mental health facilities are often exaggerated for the shock value. The End of Miracles is indeed, shocking, but this is because of its realism and the fact that the issues that come up are entirely possible.

As I listened to The End of Miracles on audiobook, I also need to add that beyond Monica Starkman’s amazing writing, the audio performance of Jane Oppenheimer was fantastic. Oppenheimer not only narrates in a steady and easy-to-follow tone but takes the time to give each well-written character the personality that their journey deserves.

This is a wonderful audiobook! Just make sure you set some time aside because once you pick it up you will not be stopping.

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