Reader’s Favorite – Affiliate Post

(This is an affiliate post. Any sales made using the links provide me with a percentage that goes towards supporting so that I may continue to bring you amazing book and game reviews! I will never try to sell you something I would not use myself. Please check the site’s affiliate disclosure found at the top of the page, or at this link.

As you know, I like to try and show readers of as many interesting sites, apps, and books that may assist them in their book or game publishing journies. I mostly review independent games and books after all, and as a writer myself I know how hard it can be to get the much-needed reviews you need to sell your book as well as improve. One site I have recently become fond of, and become a review on is Reader’s Favorite.

Reader’s Favorite is not only a great site to get your book reviewed. But it is also a fantastic place for Readers. I recently became a reviewer for Reader’s Favorite and I have to say their review submission format is great. And if you are nervous about getting a review from this group, well, Reader’s Favorite only publishes positive reviews of four stars or higher. Worried you won’t learn anything if you are only getting good news? Don’t worry the reviewer has the option to leave you feedback!

If you are interested you can check out Reader’s Favorite for yourself feel free to follow this link!

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