Nomnivore Games – Cute and exciting games for everyone.

Alrighty so lets address the title of this post first and foremost. Exciting games for everyone? There is no way that the creators of Emberwind also have a game that your children could enjoy. Well my dear reader, you would be wrong there.

I spent a lot of time at the Nomnivore table during MomoCon, probably more than my poor feet had any business standing around. And it was certainly worth it. I not only got to discover my new favorite table top game, but also a cute card game that I intend to pick up at some point. Some point soon, once I recover from convention and moving expenses. (Never move a week after a con, it hurts your wallet.)

So as I have done with my previous MomoCon posts, I will allow the dev of these super exciting games to tell you about them rather than try to explain them myself.

A little bit about the Nom Games! Who cute are these dinos?
Emberwind, I swear I don’t have an addiction to this game. (I do, I can’t help it.)

I strongly suggest you check out these games. Do it, you know you want to!

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