Digital Retirement – Book Review

So you could be wondering. What’s with the sudden posts about non-fiction books? Why am I suddenly throwing in reviews for short info filled books about making a living and retirement? Because the world sucks and we can all use as much advice as we can get these days. That in mind I recently picked up and inhaled Digital Retirement by Michelle Kulp and I was delighted to find out it was full of useful information, some of which I intend to put towards my writing soon.

Hoping that one day my husband and I will live off the rest of our years on his 401k is a pipe dream. We both know retirement is unlikely, so looking in to different ways to make money in our later years, or better yet, starting now, (I’m 34 and he’s 39) sounds much better than praying social security will still exists when we’re of retirement age, whatever that ends up being when we get there.

So you may be wondering. Is this books information even do-able or is it just a long ad for Kulps own products? Well, while the author certainly promotes her own work, which is only smart business, she also gives plenty of information that you can easily take away and make use of. I personally intend to give her book a month idea some heavy effort in the near future.

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