The Beached Ones – Book Review

The Beached Ones by Colleen M. Story is an exciting adventure, following Daniel as he tries to cope with what seems to be the end of his life. Having a terrible accident, he suddenly wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there. An old flame and her boyfriend travel with him as he tries to reach his little brother in time to pick him up for a summer visit.

The Beached ones by Colleen M. Story is a great story, though it covers some tough topics. So if you are sensitive to death, suicide, domestic violence, child neglect, or have issues with your mother, this is probably not the story for you. However, for those who can enjoy the story and even the darker aspects of what they are, you are in for a fantastic treat. With well-rounded and realistic characters dealing with real, though supernaturally charged, issues the author has made it easy to relate to the characters. The story itself floats along at a comfortable pace, giving you just enough action throughout the book to keep you turning the pages.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to touch the other side for a little bit. Pick up this novel and you will enjoy it.

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