Infernum – Book Review

What do you get when you send a military starship and a religious prophet into the deformed space around a black hole? Well, first, do not worry, this is not a cheesy joke your great-uncle is telling at a family barbeque. The answer is Infernum by Jayson Adams. Now, despite the catchy and totally click-baity way I started this paragraph, you are probably looking for some kind of in-depth explanation. Well, I will not be giving you that. I will tell you that inside this deformed space, the crew of the Avenger finds death, suffering, and mutiny. For more, well, you will just have to read this fantastic sci-fi novel.

So now that I have teased you about the story, let me get down to the other bits you may be curious about before you pick up this book. This is a sci-fi novel, so even the hints of religious aspects have heavy science involvement. I know I always enjoy the taboo integration and religious and scientific aspects. Beyond the bit that struck my curiosity the most, I was pleased that each character has a realistic background and personality. Though I have one trigger warning for readers, if you have an issue with alcoholism, you should probably skip this one. For everyone else, you will enjoy this heavy sci-fi adventure.

Nothing good happens near a black hole, except reading this book which you can happily allow yourself to be sucked in to without fear of wasting time.

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