Deus Ex – Book Review

Deus Ex by Miles Watson is a short but father exciting novella following the tyrant Magnus as the country he built crumbles around him as his enemies reconquer the land that he once took from them. We get a deep look in to the mind of a tyrant who has claimed himself a god. We walk with him as he makes his last orders, parts with loved ones and flees for his life, hoping to rebuild somewhere far off.

This fascinating tale of a tyrant is a nice change from the usual hero stories, a breath of fresh air from watching knights conquering despots, and allows us to get a solid look at the character of a villain as he scurries away from his toppling kingdom. Allowing us to see a different side of a commonly told story.

As this story is all about Magnus and only a novella, the character development is straight to the point and delivered in bits and pieces as Magnus revisits his past and how he reached the end of his rule. This allows us a full grasp of the character despite the shortness of the story, making Magnus an interesting and exciting, though cruel and cold man.

Deus Ex is a great novella for anyone looking for an exciting villain story.

You can find more of Miles Watson’s work on Amazon and his Twitter here. and feel free to check out my review on Mile Watson’s The Number’s Game I really love this guys work!

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