Flock Without Birds – Book Review

Flock Without Birds by Filip Dousek is an interesting concept followed by an interesting concept. Admittedly, unless you are an academic, the idea of picking up a book about a data scientist or a mathematician sounds like a massive chore. A painful experience for any right-brain creative type. But that right there is sort of the plot of much of this book. A young man with a science-based mind doing his best to cope with being a young man and finding a life and study balance. It is a concept many of us have had to wrangle.

However, we are also presented with other philosophical ideas. Is God dead? Did he ever exist? Did science kill other gods as well? Are we all just worshiping the leftovers of some dead cult? None of this will be answered for you when you read this book. What this book will give you, however, is a thought-provoking adventure as you read the story from the narration of young Adam by his older self, complemented by data analysis and old-world minds.

I will not try to tell you this is the perfect book for everyone. But it is a delightful view into a talented writer’s mind and worth picking up.

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