The Turth Behind the Lies – Book Review

Ok, so I have to be honest about this review up front. I did my best to take The Truth Behind the Lies by Sandra Kay Darnell. I tried to take it at face value and be as objective as possible in my reading, but I honestly found it very difficult to do so and I will explain why as I continue this review.

First, as far as memoirs go, The Truth Behind the Lies is pretty short. At a short 46 pages, I read it in a matter of hours, taking my time to make sure that I understood everything that was being presented to me. I have to admit if this memoir was longer I probably would have to throw it in to the did not finish pile, however because of its short length I did in fact finish it.

The memoir itself is written well enough on a grammatical level, though the author may have done better in presenting her case by involving another party in the actual writing of the book. Much of the information seems random and jumbled, aspects are presented suddenly without much explanation, making it very difficult to take her view serious. 

The author presents herself as one with bi-polar disorder. As a person with this mental illness, I am well aware that much of what she describes in her words can be caused by the illness in question. However, as I said from the start, I tried to take this memoir at face value. 

So is it worth reading, though? That is what you are probably wondering. The answer is, if you have a spare hour or so, might as well. It will not change your life one way or another, but it is an interesting read.

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