Believe by Sohail Malik – Book Review

Believe by Sohail Malik is a fascinating tale following a young man as he does his best to survive as a religious worshiper in a world where the religious are slaves to those of the state. Joseph is a first-born child, which means at the age of seventeenth he will be ripped from his family by the state. Despite knowing this will happen, Joseph does his best to cling to a happy life, including marrying his sweetheart. Naturally, when the state comes to claim the firstborn children, Joseph finds himself separated from his loved ones and soon fighting for his life in an attempt to save his fellow enslaved children and get back to his loved ones.

Believe is a well written novel. Sohail Malik has provided us with an exciting dystopian world that, while being similar to other novels, managed to make itself stand out. While there are a good deal of books taking place in twisted futures with hidden dark aspects, most of the time the government who is oppressing the people in these situations is hidden behind the guise of a religious aspect. This makes Believe interesting ad Malik has turned this idea around, giving us a view from the religious oppressed first person view of Joseph, and later on, another lost soul. If you are looking for a story about the oppressed fighting for their right to live peacefully, this is definitely the person novel for you.

This book was reviewed for Reader’s Favorite. Which you can find at this link!

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