The Lion of Skye by J.T.T. Ryder – Book/Series Review

Every now and then you come to the end of a story you wish could go on for many more books. Sure, every story must reach a solid ending, but that does not mean you want it to end. The Bronze Sword Cycles has been one of those series for me. While I loved Hag of the Hills, The Lion of Skye really brought the story together. The amazing story of Vidav as he continues his journey to free Skye from the dreadful Queen of the Hillman and free his people and home from the hand of a dark tyrant.

The story is solid and picks up right where Hag of the Hills leaves off, so thankfully you are not presented with some unknown time skip that often happens between novels. This allows us to dive right back into the action, which is great as The Lion of Skye is a fast-paced novel that keeps you on your toes. While The Lion of Skye is certainly brought to a fantastic end, the ending in question leaves you wanting to read more of this wonderfully researched and executed historical fiction work.

I suggest this book, and of course the first in the duology, for any historical fiction fan, particularly those fond of tales taking place before the written word.

My review of Hag of the Hills can be found here.

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