Amazon find – Il Salone Milano Hair Color

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So, you are probably wondering why this post has found its way on to my site. Well the answer is I recently was invited to Amazon Vine and I decided I would share my reviews here as well. One of the first things I found was this hair dye. I love to dye my hair, I am always changing the color. This time I decided to go lighter than my natural dark brown, but not quite the bleach blond I had been hanging on to for a while.

All right, so I can say wholeheartedly that the dye in this kit works well enough. The dye process itself is a simple two steps, you put the cream bottle into the applicator and shake well. The usual process for mixing an at-home hair dye. The part I particularly enjoyed was the conditional packet that comes with the dye. Its a small packet and won’t last you weeks as some dye kits offer, but it does condition your hair really well after a harsh dying process. It also comes with a treatment pack you use after 3 weeks, I have not gotten there yet but if it works as well as the conditioner I see no future complaints.

My only complaint is the gloves that come with this dye box are extremely flimsy and gave me some trouble putting on.

Check out the dye here!

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