Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish

Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish by V.A. Vonsik is the first book in the Primeval Origins series. Nikki young woman working towards her degree in college assists on an archeology site in South America when she and her peers stumble across evidence of a primeval civilization that is far more advanced than anyone thought possible for that point in time. This modern day prologue then leads in to the Primeval story itself. Where we leave the story of Nikki and focus on the adventures of Rogaan as he survives the trial and conflicts of a complicated society plagued by deceit and intrigue in a time before recorded history.

So admittedly when you read the concept of this young adult novel series it’s a bit jarring. A political intrigue adventure story back in the time of dinosaurs? It is certainly an original concept, and one that is well pulled together and in a fantastic story. V.A. Vonsik does a wonderful job of building us a world that takes place before the time of man. The world and the various creatures in it are exciting to read about, and how the characters interact and have named the creatures of the world are primitive but make fantastic sense for the setting. If you are fond of creative adventure stories I strongly suggest you pick up this book.

You can find this book series here.

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