Yours and Mine – Review and Author Q&A!

Yours and Mine by A.E. Bennett is a novella that ties in to the author’s Serrulata Saga series, which I have not yet read, my introduction to being one of the blog tours I take part in. This steamy novella followed Octavia Dorchester and Gerald Verte as they stumble in to a young romance and attempt to reconcile their feelings even though their families want them to have nothing to do with one another. While you walk with the characters through their complicated relationship and enjoy their young love, you are also given bits and pieces of the authors over all world which leaves you wanting to explore further in to the Serrulata Saga as a whole. I know I am looking forward to picking up more by A.E. Bennett.

Now, as discussed above, this is a steamy romance. There is sex in this novella and some very blunt wording for male anatomy. So if you are uncomfortable with reading sex scenes or the used of rougher language, even though it only happens once, I suggest you avoid this romantic tale. However, for anyone else, I strongly suggest you pick this up, particularly if you are a fan of fantasy romances, there is both and delightful hints to what we may discover in the series.

I have another surprise for you. The lovely people at Traveling Pages Tours were able to get a few questions answer for me by the author! It was great to have this opportunity, the Q&A follows.

How do you come up with your stories?

I came up with the initial idea for The Serrulata Saga way back in 1997. I was a teen devoted to sci-fi and the Hale-Bopp comet appeared in the sky. I soaked up as much knowledge as I could about it. It comes around once every 2,000 years or so and when it was here, there were a lot of articles printed about what life had been like the last time it arrived. The gears in my head started turning and I began thinking about when the comet arrives again—in the year 4385.

In terms of Yours and Mine, I have to credit an editor who took a look at an early version of Gathering of the Four, the first book in the series. She gave me a great deal of feedback and constructive criticism, but she also made a comment about how she loved reading about Octavia and Gerald and was curious about how they got together. After that, I couldn’t not write their tale!

What genre do you like to read yourself?

I pretty much read what I write: sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. I also enjoy horror and am going to attempt to write a Serrulata Saga horror story when I’m finished with my current work in progress.

Do you ever get writer’s block and how do you cope with it?

 You know, I actually don’t. I’ve had a few times where I’ve sat down to write and known that what I was writing was garbage that would eventually get discarded, but thankfully I’ve never had the crippling sensation of sitting down to write and being unable to. I worry I’ve doomed myself by admitting this out loud, but it’s the truth!

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