Standing Strong – book review

Standing Strong by Tina Brandau combines a life-changing story and a self-help book. First, Tina walks us through her accident trauma, from the almost outlandish-sounding accident of being hit by a falling tree while jogging to her recovery. While recovering from her accident, she realized some beneficial details. She used that information to create the second part of the book, which consists of several life lessons in which she explains how her damaged brain processes things and how we can apply those aspects to our lives.

Tina Brandau’s descriptions in the first half of the book stunned me. I was reading in bed beside my husband when I got to the portion where she discussed her accident. Several times I had to turn towards my husband to tell him about the woman who got hit by a tree and more or less walked away from the accident scene. Beyond having to share the story so much that I kept my husband from sleeping, I was stunned reading about every step of Tina’s recovery. The fact that she lived through this accident and retained the ability to share the information she learned with others is absolutely outstanding. Going forward to the book’s second half, we are presented with life lessons that Brandau has learned throughout her recovery. These lessons are helpful and easy to understand but challenging to master. I will be using many of them in my daily life.

I strongly suggest you pick up Standing Strong by Tina Brandau, not just for the fantastic story of survival but also for the neat life lessons.

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