Race Against Time – Book Review

Sometimes I get a book to read that I think will be a cute little feel-good story that will make my miserable day feel better. With that in mind, I agreed to read and review Race Against Time by Claire Eckard and the mother and daughter team that the book covers, Natalie and Kyla Law. The book is also about a pony named Flash, but obviously, ponies do not have hands and can not write books. At least from my limited knowledge of horses, I do not believe so.

Race Against Time follows Kyla and Flash the Pony as Kyla strives to turn a cute but troubled hackney pony into a solid riding horse. In the process, she makes a best friend, and eventually, the two can take on endurance racing, which is much less racing and much more surviving on challenging horse trails. While some race aspects are involved in the sport, such as placing and trophies, the majority of it is just a sport full of super awesome people. These extraordinary people, the Laws, and their friends are wonderfully portrayed in this book as we are given details of the emotional and physical journies.

Why should you read this excellent book about the story of a young girl, her pony, and human endurance, stubbornness, and faith? Because it is a cute and sweet story that will make you feel good at the end of the day when you feel like you just slogged yourself through the Tevis cup of life. Plus, Flash is adorable in his pictures.

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