As most of you know, I attend a few conventions every year. Central Florida Comic Con here in my home state is always a blast. And I’ll be hitting up Atlanta twice this year for the usual MomoCon and an additional DragonCon! (Don’t worry, I’ll talk about you all as you get closer.) But this year, I’m going to be able to add an exhilarating dash to a higher altitude and a different time zone. Drumroll please… (Yes, this is text. Just work with me here, guys!)

Website here:

Believe it or not, actually not a surprise, but I heard about this delightfully geeky gathering from a streamer and fellow nerdy friend PlayingWithRemy. Who will also be visiting this con. I am looking forward to a local showing me some good food. (YOU KNOW WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU REMY!)

Now, as a lifelong east coaster, I never considered going to another timezone for a con but let’s be honest, the number of celebrities coming to this con is mindblowing. You can find the complete list on the site at the link below, but I am excited!

I am particularly hyped about Michael Dorn, Bonnie Wright, and Christina Ricci I hope I can get to speak to them. And maybe get my husband a few autographs while he pouts from states away.

I am also looking forward to taking some walks through the exhibition halls. I am a frequent buyer of the same products over and over here at home. I am excited to see what people have to offer in Colorado.

I’ll share more and more as we get closer to this convention. There is so much going on!

Also, I hate to admit this, but I have been spelling Denver wrong forever.

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