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I Know You by Russel Goven is an exciting story following a young woman as she learns to cope with lost love, new love, and the complications of time travel after a rather nasty argument and a bump on the head! Eilidh (by the way, that’s pronounced ‘aley’ for my fellow American English speakers. And yes, that is a bit of a joke regarding this book.) was getting ready to attend university with her boyfriend when he disclosed he’s been making other plans behind her back to go to another university, not only that, it seems he’s seeing one of her alleged best friends! This drama results in the firey-blooded Eilidh trying to strike the jerk and being knocked back, only to bump her head. While medical professionals are seeing her, she’s traveling back to the 80s.. and a different country! But is it just a dream? Oh, don’t worry; things only get even stranger from there!

As much as I like to read, I have a busy life, so I usually only read a certain amount each day. However, I had to put a bit of time aside with this book because I was just so interested in what would happen. The story was exciting, seeing Eilidh move through different scenarios and using the experiences to guide what she wants to do with her life, from being a heartbroken girl to a tense decider of her destiny. At first, some of her reactions were excessive. Then I took a moment to think about the breakups I had when I was of college age and realized, no, that seems about on par for girls at the peak of adolescence, trying to figure out adult relationships. While Eilidh is the main character of this book, and it is told in a first-person perspective, the book does, at times, sneak into the perspective of other people, and it can be a tad confusing at first. That is probably my only complaint.

Pick up this one if you want an interesting original concept to read this summer.

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