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Hag of the Hills – Book Review

Hag of the Hills by J.T.T Ryder is the first book in The Bronze Sword Cycles. It is a prehistoric fiction novel. Now I am aware the average person may read that and think something like. ‘Oh geez, it’s a novel about cave dwellers?’ Don’t be silly. It simply takes place in a time before history was recorded in the written word. The story follows Brenn, a young man living in Celtic society, as he tangles with ancient mythical beings as they try to take over the island of Skye.

Hag of the Hills is an exciting story full of all the battle rage and drama one would expect of a historical fiction novel taking place in prehistoric times. The locations, history of the various people, and descriptions of their clothing are well researched, and the author has spent more time making sure that his book holds up in the hands of history lovers. Not only are we provided with a wonderfully researched world, but they also provided us with a guide at the start of the book explaining how to pronounce the various names of locations, beings, and people in the book. This comes in handy if you are not learned ancient Celtic languages and myths, as many of the pronunciations can be complicated.

Hag of the Hills is a must-read for fans of historical fiction. Pick up this story and look around the ancient world that J.T.T Ryder has displayed for us. You will love it.

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Digital Retirement – Book Review

So you could be wondering. What’s with the sudden posts about non-fiction books? Why am I suddenly throwing in reviews for short info filled books about making a living and retirement? Because the world sucks and we can all use as much advice as we can get these days. That in mind I recently picked up and inhaled Digital Retirement by Michelle Kulp and I was delighted to find out it was full of useful information, some of which I intend to put towards my writing soon.

Hoping that one day my husband and I will live off the rest of our years on his 401k is a pipe dream. We both know retirement is unlikely, so looking in to different ways to make money in our later years, or better yet, starting now, (I’m 34 and he’s 39) sounds much better than praying social security will still exists when we’re of retirement age, whatever that ends up being when we get there.

So you may be wondering. Is this books information even do-able or is it just a long ad for Kulps own products? Well, while the author certainly promotes her own work, which is only smart business, she also gives plenty of information that you can easily take away and make use of. I personally intend to give her book a month idea some heavy effort in the near future.

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Corrigendum: A Dr. Sean Nolan Mystery – Book Review

Corrigendum: A Dr. Sean Nolan Mystery by E W Johnson M D is the latest in a series of books that I have picked up to read. Corrigendum follows Dr. Sean Nolan as he attempts to deal with a mystery arising from the death of a teenage girl who has signs of severe abuse. This naturally unravels in to a complicated web of human trafficking that has its claws dug deep even in to the highest position of society. Dr. Nolan and his friends seem to be up against hopeless odds.

Now I know what you may be thinking. This is part of a series! Why would I read this one before picking up the others? While I certainly suggest always reading a series you think you may enjoy, and not only because it supports the author but to get a good feel for the adventures of the characters. However, with Corrigendum by E W Johnson M D you can simply dive in with this book if for some reason you do not desire picking up the previous ones. Johnson gives you plenty of information on Dr. Nolan’s previous adventures and his relationships with his friends and family that you do not have to break the bank on the entire serious, though I would suggest you do. 

I suggest Corrigendum to anyone who enjoys a thrilling mystery story!

You can find this book on Amazon with this link!

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Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue – Tower Defense but cooler.

So another one of my new game obsessions I discovered at MomoCon was Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue. It is a tower defense game where you run around fighting off waves of enemies. There are multiple characters you can play. So far as I can only play games in my downtime I have only managed to get so far. You start off being able to play the Squire or Apprentice and can unlock the Huntress, Monk, and Warden. So far I’ve only unlocked the Huntress but this is fine as I am really enjoying the Squire anyway.

Well as with the rest of my MomoCon coverage I wont go heavily in to detail myself but you can hear from one of the team all about the game in the video below!

Well, this is the last of my MomoCon coverage. While there was certainly a whole lot more I saw, I have only delivered you all the best I found. There is a whole lot more I collected that I need to play or read before I can give you all an honest view of the product!

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From Blog to Business – Non-fiction book review!

I rarely review non-fiction works on my blog. Why? Because I know most of my reader base is much more interested in fiction of various types or video games, which makes sense given my blog is aimed heavily towards these subjects. However, after finishing From Blog to Business, I felt it only fair to make sure that I shared this helpful non-fiction book by Jen Ruiz.

As this is a very short non-fiction book, I won’t be taking this apart as I do in some reviews. I picked the book up to learn. After all; I do not have the knowledge to break it down like I would a work of fiction. There are no characters, no story, just amazingly helpful information that I intend to put towards my blog in the future. It may take some time, but I can not see any of this information going to waste.

If you are new to blogging, or simply feel as though you have hit a bit of a wall in your career, I suggest you pick up Jen Ruiz’s book. Now that I have finished From Blog to Business, I will be checking out more of her writing.

Oh yes, and before I forget, here is the Amazon link, I read the kindle edition but you can get it in paperback too.

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Nomnivore Games – Cute and exciting games for everyone.

Alrighty so lets address the title of this post first and foremost. Exciting games for everyone? There is no way that the creators of Emberwind also have a game that your children could enjoy. Well my dear reader, you would be wrong there.

I spent a lot of time at the Nomnivore table during MomoCon, probably more than my poor feet had any business standing around. And it was certainly worth it. I not only got to discover my new favorite table top game, but also a cute card game that I intend to pick up at some point. Some point soon, once I recover from convention and moving expenses. (Never move a week after a con, it hurts your wallet.)

So as I have done with my previous MomoCon posts, I will allow the dev of these super exciting games to tell you about them rather than try to explain them myself.

A little bit about the Nom Games! Who cute are these dinos?
Emberwind, I swear I don’t have an addiction to this game. (I do, I can’t help it.)

I strongly suggest you check out these games. Do it, you know you want to!

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Hyper Gunsport – Volleyball with guns?

So I think I know what you are thinking when you read the title of this post. What the head kind of games are you picking up at these conventions you visit? Well, I will tell you. Ones worth keeping an eye on!

I watched a couple of friends play this one. And while I did not get a personal hands-on experience, my friends, both professional game streamers, had a blast with it. I was also able to have a chat with one of the creators of the game. You can listen to him in the video just below.

I may have messed up the first video by not recruiting. He was very kind about my total professional derpiness.

I plan on picking up this game as soon as it comes out. I hope a lot of you lovely readers will do the same. It will be a blast!

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Cosplayers I found at MomoCon!

So finally home and for the most part only a little sore from being on my feet for ridiculously long hours I decided I would show off the various cosplayers I managed to get a picture of while I was at MomoCon. I stumbled on to everything from anime characters to video game heroes, to a few curious fashion choices and zombies. Check out the pictures below!

Next year I hope to get way more pictures of amazing cosplayers!

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The Bones of Amoret – Book Review

The Bones of Amoret is an exciting thriller by Arthur Herbert. The story follows a west Texan doctor in the early 80s as he tries to deal with being tied to a crime that could not only ruin his own life but the lives of his family and the desperate Mexicans he helps cross the border. These exciting conflicts, as well as others, make this book a real page-turner.

The Bones of Amoret by Aurthur Herbert is foremost a murder mystery. When a well-known figure in town goes missing and evidence aims toward a local doctor, the man goes as far as possible to prove that he had nothing to do with the man’s assumed murder. This, of course, leads to an exciting culmination that leads to an ending that honestly left me a bit surprised. Up until the twist, I expected the culprit to be someone entirely different. This excited me even more because there are very few books I cannot guess the ending to these days. It happens when you read often.

Alongside the exciting and shocking well-written tale, the story is exciting throughout the entire telling. Given to us from the point of view of the main character who lived through the whole ordeal as he shares it with someone. As such we get a wonderful internal dialogue about the whole ordeal giving The Bones of Amoret the last kick it needs to be one of the most exciting books I have read this year.

I strongly suggest The Bones of Amoret to anyone who is looking for an exciting mystery with a great twist ending.

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Tapestry of my Mother’s Life – Book Review

Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life: Stories, Fragments, and Silences by Malve Von Hassell is a charming telling of a woman’s life. Far more than simply a description or another wartime memory, this story is the bits and pieces of a long, difficult but ultimately happy life that a woman can put together through old photographs and letters tucked away in her late mother’s possessions. Letters and pictures from times of war and trials that had survived the difficult years.

Each chapter of Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life is a carefully pieced-together tale of a certain portion of Christa’s life. While the author admits she has put some guesswork into many aspects of her mother’s younger years, given the woman was quiet, and silent on her life while she lived, however, the story and history that is formed for us are certainly believable given the time and place, particularly the major differences between pre and postwar Germany and the difficult effects it had on each family members from how they lived to who lived.

I strongly suggest picking up Tapestry Of My Mother’s Life if you are interested in history, or simply have a woman who has had an important impact on your life, as this story will remind many of relatives, and perhaps leave you wondering what secrets your own family had hidden in drawers.