Video Game History – The Magnavox Odyssey

Have you ever heard of the Magnavox Odyssey? I actually had not until a few years ago when I got into studying video game history. The weird part is, I had always thought Atari had made the first home video game console. Well I was wrong, the Odyssey was conceived years before Atari hit theContinue reading “Video Game History – The Magnavox Odyssey”

Cinderella Phenomenon – My favorite otome game!

Do you like fairytales? Do you like otome games? What about visual novels? Well, Cinderella Phenomenon covers all of these!  The story begins by introducing the main character, a female protagonist named Lucette. Though you can change the name, I like to keep the default names when I play games that offer them. The characterContinue reading “Cinderella Phenomenon – My favorite otome game!”

A surprise from JM Hart for Books-And-Games readers!

I have a surprise for you all! JM Hart has been kind enough to share her newest book with us! The first 100 people to use this link will get a free copy of her novel The Devil’s Harvest, which is, in my opinion, her best book in the Supernatural Chronicles series so far. NowContinue reading “A surprise from JM Hart for Books-And-Games readers!”

The Chronicles of the Supernatural and JM Hart!

The Chronicles of the supernatural by JM Hart is a brilliant series about a battle between good and evil. The series begins with The Emerald Tablet, followed by Realm of Lost Souls, and most recently, The Devil’s Harvest, with another installment set for next year. I dove in to The Emerald Tablet after receiving aContinue reading “The Chronicles of the Supernatural and JM Hart!”

Story Charmed, A must in interactive stories

Now and then I find a website or app that I will put a decent amount of time into, one that interests me enough to want to share with other people. Story Charmed is one of those. Now when you first look at Story Charmed, you may think, as I did at first. Oh, look,Continue reading “Story Charmed, A must in interactive stories”

Interview with YouTube’s NoNat1s!

So, as many of you know, I recently added gaming information to my blog. This spans anything from video games to TTRPGs and even board games. I’m not picky I will play anything at least once. So starting this off, I reached out to some friends and acquaintances who work as streamers or in videoContinue reading “Interview with YouTube’s NoNat1s!”

The Letter – Visual Novel

The Letter is a supernatural horror visual novel developed and published by Yangyang Mobile. It is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS and Android. This means you can play it on pretty much anything you own as long as it uses one of those five operating systems, and lets be honest, that is pretty muchContinue reading “The Letter – Visual Novel”