She Who Rides Horses – Book Review

She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe by Sarah V Barnes is an exciting historical fiction adventure taking place some 6,000 years ago in which a teenage girl decides that instead of simply using the wild horses as food, she wants to ride one. From a modern perspective, the idea that anyone […]

The Tower of Nimrah Update

You can now read chapter 29 of The Tower of Nimrah on Mythrill Fiction! Check out the app on Android and IOS! You can also read the Mythrill blog which has a feature of yours truly!

The Tower of Nimrah on Mythrill fiction!

Did you know you can read up to Episode 28 of the Tower of Nimrah on Mythrill Fiction? Well, now you do! Check out my story on the Mythrill Fiction app on Android and IOS!


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