Awesome Female Video Game Heros

Women in video games are nothing particularly new. Any gamer can name a handful. And even someone with little game exposure can often at least name Princess Zelda, even if they may mistake her for Link and Princess Peach. But there is much more than a handful of well-known damsels in distress. And no, IContinue reading “Awesome Female Video Game Heros”

Another amazing Ava MacAdams Regency Romance!

So I love a good Romance novel. You all know that, and I have also had the privilege and joy of being an arc reader for Ava MacAdams. Here we have another of her wonderful works, A Courtesan Countess Worth the Scandal. I have to. This novel absolutely impressed me! It is going on theContinue reading “Another amazing Ava MacAdams Regency Romance!”

The Children of Henry the VIII by Alison Weir

The Children of Henry the VIII by Alison Weir picks up where her biographical work The Six Wives of Henry the VIII leaves off. It covers the lives of his three children, Edward the Vi, Mary the I and Elizabeth the I, as well as the short ruling Jane Gray. It covers each life in asContinue reading “The Children of Henry the VIII by Alison Weir”

My Obsession with Anne McCaffrey books

Anne McCaffrey has been my favorite author since I was about fifteen. Though my interest in her work started much earlier than that! My mother had picked up the books long before, I even had any idea reading could be fun! I heard her speaking to a friend about it. Though, unfortunately, I had aContinue reading “My Obsession with Anne McCaffrey books”

A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess By Ava MacAdams

A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess is a steamy romance novel by Ava MacAdams. Romance novels are a recent addition to my reading collection. I avoided them rather heavily throughout my younger years, mostly worried people in school, or my parents, would mock me for enjoying the genre. That in mind, I adore theContinue reading “A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess By Ava MacAdams”

Episodes – Creative and Entertaining Interactive Fiction

Interactive fiction is a blast. Games, visual novels, choose your own adventure books, these are all entertaining ways to spend your leisure time. Lately it has been very popular on android and ios, as you will find various types of mobile games offering stories with choice based options. I suppose calling them various is aContinue reading “Episodes – Creative and Entertaining Interactive Fiction”