Aqua Paws – Book Review

Aqua Paws by Patricia Allieri and Stella Maris is an adorable children’s book following Aqua Paws, the titular character, as he goes snorkeling with his turtle friend Purple Beak to explore the water below as well as pick up trash! Unfortunately, Aqua Paws runs into some trouble while he explores under the water. Like many sea animals, the poor kitty gets caught in plastic soda rings. Thankfully he’s helped by an unlikely new friend and can escape and get back to the surface! A good thing as a kitty cat can only hold its breath for so long.

This fully illustrated children’s book is the perfect length to keep small children interested in the pictures and tale. The artwork is bright and inviting, and the scary scenes are colorful enough to draw in even the most rambunctious children. Like many children’s books, the story itself is a cautionary tale describing only one instance of what can happen with human waste in the sea. While it’s unlikely to find a snorkeling kitten in the ocean, plenty of sea animals can get stuck in our trash. Auqa Paws presses on the importance of proper waste management.

At the end of the book are two additional aspects that I found beneficial. First, the author has provided us with a list of ways to safely enjoy our sea visits and instructions on how to make your own toilet paper roll crab! I might make one next time I have a loose toilet paper roll!

Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink – Book Review

Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink, written by Chris Roy and illustrated by Nivya Kuriakose, is a cute and colorful children’s story following the adventures of Princess Fluffy as she tries to find her place in the world. This short children’s book is quick and easy to follow with super cute and bright art, which makes this children’s tale pleasant to look at as well as read.

Plumpkins are strange fuzzy creatures with soft fur. The average plumpkin has long fluffy white fur, much like a rabbit. However, Royal plumpkins have bright-colored short fur. This is why Princess Fluffy does not fit in with her family as she is a long white-furred fluffy plumpkin, hence the name Fluffy. Like many young girls, she wants to be as pretty and unique as her sisters. To do this, she goes out of her way to eat pink things to try and change her fur colors. When this fails, she is at a loss for what to do. Eventually, however, Princes Fluffy did find her way and figured out where she belonged and what she was good at. With its warm message, this adorable tale is a must-read for your child, student, or anyone else who may be exposed to small children who need entertainment.

Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja – Book Review

Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja is a children’s book by Chris Roy. It is about a little boy who does not like being told what he has to do. So while his parents are on a trip and he is left in the care of his uncle, his uncle suggests Ronin use his desire to be a ninja to clean his room!

I read this story on the Kindle and have to say that it was an excellent choice. Amazon provides an excellent way to view the book, making each image and page of text show up individually, giving you a little adventure to swipe through while you go through Ronin’s bedroom cleaning ninja training.

The story is cute and you leave it with a smile, plus the effect of the book certainly gives some fun ideas to try to get children to clean their room, just like Ronin did!

Chubby’s Tale – Children’s Book Review

Chubby’s Tale The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer, is adorable. It is a children’s book written by Carola Schimdt whose books I have covered one of her books before I will link that review at the end of this one if you are curious. 

Chubby’s Tale is a delightful children’s book about a little teddy bear who feels sick and seeks the help of doctor toys in the store he lived in while he waits to be purchased. It is close to Christmas time, and he wants to make sure he can be purchased for a happy child.

The story easily holds attention, from Chubby feeling sick to his cure, cancer, particularly Leukemia, is explained simply for a child to understand, as is bone marrow transplant. These difficult subjects are covered in a warm narration. In addition to the excellent story and information the artwork is cute and warm. 

So is Chubby’s Tale something to read to your child? I think so. I also think it would make a fantastic stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Here is another work by Carola Schimdt.

Bald is Beautiful: A Letter for a Fabulous Girl

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl, is a lovely children’s picture book by Carola Schmidt. It is about a young girl, and making the best out of being bald because of cancer treatments. It aims heavily on making sure the girl knows she is beautiful despite her lack of hair, as well as pointing out fun ways to embrace her new look. Such as a hat and scarf shower to celebrate who she is despite the trouble she is going through.

This is a children’s book, so it is short and sweet. It is an adoring love letter to a little girl. The story is filled to the brim with love. Alongside the sweet story, the pictures are sweet and colorful, making following along with the story pleasant. Despite the difficult topic of the book, this story makes you feel good to read. It shows the desire to make the best out of a difficult situation. One leaves the book smiling despite the topic.

It is a brilliant book for children to read, particularly those who are going through, or know someone, going through difficulties with cancer.

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