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I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child – A Comic Review

So when I stumbled on this comic though an advertisement on Facebook for Tappy Toons. I love to read so I am always open to picking up something new. Now I have a lot of various reading apps on my phones. Most of them are filled with trashy novels that I find are entertaining to read. Others are filled with comics from various places in the world. The one thing that interested me in reading this one on Tappy Toons was the fact that I could read the first three chapters for free. Which gave me enough time to decide if I would want to continue to read the rest.

I found that despite the title making you wonder what sort of nonsense you are getting into; I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child is a rather fascinating romance and adventure story. It centers on the difficulties a female knight named Elan experiences after a drunken festival night has her waking up in the bed of a cruel and deadly Emperor. As the title of the comic may inform you, she ends up pregnant and flees to try to find a safe place for herself and her child, fearful he may try to kill them.

Now I will say this comic is still being released on Tappy Toons, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story turns out. Now I know there are plenty of websites you can read these things for free, but I strongly suggest you use the legal apps and websites so that the creators can be properly supported.

I strongly suggest this comic for fans of dramatic romances, fantasy, and various types of graphic novels.

Everyone is Tulip

So, we have another graphic novel to review! Much like with the last one that I got my hands on this copy of Everyone is Tulip was sent to me via an ad I put up through Facebook and Instagram. This time it was Dave Baker looking for podcasts to go on to and discuss this new work. Sadly, I am not a podcaster but he was willing to let me read and review Everyone is Tulip, anyway! And I have to say I have been absolutely blown away!

The story of Everyone is Tulip is difficult to get through. Not because it is bad, far from it the story is amazingly well written, but because of the emotions it causes. The series of events that shape Becca, or Tulip as she comes to be called, are both realistic and heartbreaking. And it resonates, particularly if you are an artistic type.

Now the art of Everyone of Tulip is also lovely. It fits the story well. Full of colorful pinks and blues and then suddenly darker fit the mood of each scene perfectly. I enjoyed the artwork so much, I actually went through it a second time to properly enjoy the art by itself. Which in and of itself says something as I often find myself reading a graphic novel once and not picking it up again for a few months.

Everyone is Tulip should be read by every fan of graphic novels. More so, if you are an artistic type of any format. Seriously, pick this up and add it to your collection. I know I intend to go back to it again and again. Dave Baker, Nicole Goux and Ellie Hall have created a brilliant work.

Alleycat 2.0

So a few months ago, (probably more than a few by the time of this publishing, because sometimes I remember to read and not post) I started advertising my blog on Instagram. Being as I am a writer and not an artist or photographer I did not think this would go very far, however, since it is easily accessible through Facebook’s Business Suite, I figured what harm can it do since I am already using the thing, anyway? Well, I got a bit of a surprise when someone actually reached out to me about the blog! It was Greg Manuel with a comic he wanted to share.

So what was this message about? Alleycat 2.0. Now if you have been reading for a while you will know this is the first graphic novel I have covered on this blog. Though it is far from the first one I have read. I grew up on graphic novels of various types. So I was pretty excited when he agreed to send me a review copy of Alleycat.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of Alleycat 2.0 shall we?

Alleycat is, in the words of the creator in the book’s introduction, an experiment in comics. And I have to second this thought. It sends you headfirst into the story. This is not another hero origin story. No bites from radioactive kittens or anything. We are dropped rather unceremoniously (much to my delight) straight into the climax of a plot. Where the Alleycat, who reminds of an old school Detective Comics Batman as an anthropomorphic cat, is facing down his arch-nemesis, though with a lot of very feline-like snide humor. From here, our story unravels as Alleycat describes how he ended up here. Now as much as I would love to dissect the story in detail, I won’t, I like to avoid spoilers. And it will be more enjoyable for you to do it yourself.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, did you say anthropomorphic cat?” and yes I know on the internet that can bring up curious thoughts, many of us have seen some things. Let me assure you, the art style of Alleycat is not the type of work that would have you cringing, or concerned you can not read it during your lunch break at work. This is a well written and well-presented story of a hero simply doing his best to protect his city, and how even those with good intentions can go too far.

So, is Alleycat 2.0 worth reading? Do Superheros have secret identities? That would be an outstanding yes! If you enjoy creative heroes, I suggest you pick this up. You will enjoy every moment!

You can pick of Alleycat 2.0 at .