The Cafe

I waited for the bus, took a quick bite of my doughnut. The sun shone after a week of rain. It’d been just as long since you’d last called. A hopeful smile lifted the corner of my mouth. Today could be a good day. Maybe you would call again. Several dates and constantly exchanged text messages for the last few months had been more exciting than I could have ever hoped for. Ah, the bus had arrived!

I climbed on to the bus with the same little smile that had graced my face as I thought of you. There was a little bounce in my step as I wiggled my way past people who gave polite nods when I made accidental eye contact with them. I had pleasant thoughts of our time together. Sure, I’d not heard from you in a week, since you spent the night, but that was simply how it was. People got busy with work. With life. Not everyone could go to work, then go home, settle in and loose themselves in a book. Not everyone was as introverted as myself.

I briefly checked my bag, making sure all the tools I required for the workday were in there. Yes, nothing seemed to be missing, I would have no issues today. I could continue to float by on this mood you had left me in.

The work day seemed to pass by in a blur of cheerful humming. Even while I sat at the desk working through the mounting piles of papers that had to be signed and passed along up the office ladder to be cleared. 

People commented on how I seemed like a new person, how much I seemed to have a whole new hop in my step. Of course I did, I had you in my life. How could I not help but float around my day-to-day wanting to tell everyone about you? Though it had still been a week since you called.

They even tried to make me feel better about your absence. Do not worry, they will contact you. Work keeps everyone busy. Life has surprises. Maybe they got caught up in a new game? Oh, didn’t that new book just come out. Yes, these were all things they knew me to get lost in. Of course, the love of my life would have a similar issue.

When the workday ended, I slipped out of the office, still humming the soft song that seemed to fill my head. Was it an actual song? I was unsure, it could have been some strange tune that popped in to my head when I thought of you. Like some sort of background music during the love scene of a movie. Smooth jazz? No, something more heroic. A knight had rescued me from my dull life!

On the bus, I checked my bag once more. Yes, I remembered to bring everything home with me. I looked out the window, watching the store pass in a slow semi-blur of stop and go city traffic. I had a wonderful idea. I could stop at our favorite cafe and pick up an after work snack!

I got off the bus a couple stops early. It would make my walk home a tad longer, but it was worth the sweet from this lovely little location. 

I made the short walk from the bus stop to the cafe, pausing outside it to enjoy the location of our first date. I peaked inside the window before I entered, simply to enjoy the memories. Oh. But there you were? Oh, I thought you had to work all week. Oh, you were here with someone. Oh no, that could not be. Oh. That could not be allowed.

I walked in to the pleasant little cafe, picked up the nearest potted plants stand, those silly fancy, but flimsy metal things they put pots in to look high end. I made my way over to you. I am unsure when I stopped beating you with it. There was screaming and there was blood. I am even less sure of when they pulled me off of you. 

I know that the room they keep me in is a bit on the cold side and they say I may not contact you. But do not worry, I promise once I feel better I will come see you.

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