Is it still worth playing? Lord of the Rings Online

I have an MMO weakness. Anyone who reads my blog regularly can see that. Lately my guilty pleasure has been The Lord of the Rings Online, an older, but still entertaining game! So what makes this older game still so much fun to play? Well, there are several aspects this now free-to-play game takes advantageContinue reading “Is it still worth playing? Lord of the Rings Online”

Awesome Female Video Game Heros

Women in video games are nothing particularly new. Any gamer can name a handful. And even someone with little game exposure can often at least name Princess Zelda, even if they may mistake her for Link and Princess Peach. But there is much more than a handful of well-known damsels in distress. And no, IContinue reading “Awesome Female Video Game Heros”

A chat with PlayingWithRemy!

I bring you, dear readers, another interview with an amazing streamer, PlayingWithRemy! Now I am particularly fond of watching this streamer, as his sense of humor is very similar to my own. He is a very friendly man who cares deeply for his community and you will find, makes sure they are comfortable. As withContinue reading “A chat with PlayingWithRemy!”

Stardew Valley – Five years and still addictive!

Now and then you find a game that you enjoy enough to put countless hours in to. I admitted, had a lot of these. I am a gamer after all and the only thing I do more then game is read. So naturally I prefer games with replay value and I can relax with. StardewContinue reading “Stardew Valley – Five years and still addictive!”

Video Game History – The Magnavox Odyssey

Have you ever heard of the Magnavox Odyssey? I actually had not until a few years ago when I got into studying video game history. The weird part is, I had always thought Atari had made the first home video game console. Well I was wrong, the Odyssey was conceived years before Atari hit theContinue reading “Video Game History – The Magnavox Odyssey”

Cinderella Phenomenon – My favorite otome game!

Do you like fairytales? Do you like otome games? What about visual novels? Well, Cinderella Phenomenon covers all of these!  The story begins by introducing the main character, a female protagonist named Lucette. Though you can change the name, I like to keep the default names when I play games that offer them. The characterContinue reading “Cinderella Phenomenon – My favorite otome game!”