Back4Blood – A beta test review

I was lucky enough to get in to a recent Back4Blood beta and a brief look at the game. A fun game that resembles its predators, Left4Dead in game play but also differing enough to make the game feel like something new. Like the former games, you can play a co-op campaign game where you rush around slaughtering your way through zombie masses.

Beyond the game place, the characters you can play as are pretty entertaining, each has benefits that support the group in some way. I took a particular liking to Hoffman. I had to pick him up because the initial characters I wanted to play were taken by friends. (You know who you are!) But he ended up being my favorite, and I will probably continue to play him once the game comes out fully. I might dabble in others, but to be honest, once I find a character I like, I tend to stick to it.

Now, moving we have the particularly original, (at least for this type of game) deck building system. As you play, you gain points which allow you to unlock cards which you can make into decks. These decks have a variety of benefits for yourself and the people you are playing with. I had a lot of fun putting ammo benefits in to my deck.

So there is a lot more to Back4Blood, but I really think you should play the game to try it out yourself. And in case you could not tell with that suggestion, if you love a good zombie game, you will want to pick up Back4Blood once it goes live!

Rift World a Video Game review

Look at this cutie, I almost feel bad blowing them up.

So I am pretty picky about the video games I enjoy playing. I am more of a story over game play sort. So the idea of picking up Rift World came off feeling a little like a chore. Oh great, a FPS, even with a fantasy feel to it I could not help but remember how much I suck at shooters. I simply have no aim. But in wanting to give this game, and it’s developers the benefit of the doubt, I played the demo. And I am glad that I did.

Now as mentioned before Rift World is a FPS were you play as a mage. You are traveling between rifts and use various magic spells to attack elementals and explode parts of the scenery, like barrels, creatures, and chests to add to your health and mana, which once full, go in to a spare pots for you to use when needed. Which I thought was pretty interesting. I enjoy the idea of being able to build one’s stores. It gives you a little leeway but also requires you to plan, unlike games that seem to provide you with a never ending supply of potions.

Now beyond the basic game play, you can double jump and dash. I found that in using these aspects I could make use of my time in the air, raining pewpew doom down on the elements who like to swarm. Oh yes, you need to be quick, because when I say swarm, I mean swarm; I had tiny elementals come flying at me so many times. However, despite continuous death, I had fun throughout the demo.

So what is the final consensus on Rift World? I am hoping to play the full game when it comes out. For now however, we are limited to playing the demo, which can be found on steam. Also if you want to support the game, here are the various links provided to me by lead developer Nick Paladino.

I want moreeeeeee

One after thought. Why do I find rock slugs so cute?

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