Amazon Finds – Creative Zen Headphones

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So I hate earbuds. I know, I know. They are small compact and easy to carry. However, they are also really easy to loose, as well as easily stolen by trouble making cats who think anything they can fit in their mouth is worth making off with. So when these headphones popped up as a review option, I was more than pleased to take a chance to check out these over the ear headphones.

These things are fantastic. They have great sound and I can’t hear a dang thing through them! I have found them great for relaxing in bed with my Switch before I fall asleep. They connect easily to every device I have Bluetooth on, Phone, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Super useful for everything.

If you wish to try them out you can fine them here.

Amazon find – Il Salone Milano Hair Color

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So, you are probably wondering why this post has found its way on to my site. Well the answer is I recently was invited to Amazon Vine and I decided I would share my reviews here as well. One of the first things I found was this hair dye. I love to dye my hair, I am always changing the color. This time I decided to go lighter than my natural dark brown, but not quite the bleach blond I had been hanging on to for a while.

All right, so I can say wholeheartedly that the dye in this kit works well enough. The dye process itself is a simple two steps, you put the cream bottle into the applicator and shake well. The usual process for mixing an at-home hair dye. The part I particularly enjoyed was the conditional packet that comes with the dye. Its a small packet and won’t last you weeks as some dye kits offer, but it does condition your hair really well after a harsh dying process. It also comes with a treatment pack you use after 3 weeks, I have not gotten there yet but if it works as well as the conditioner I see no future complaints.

My only complaint is the gloves that come with this dye box are extremely flimsy and gave me some trouble putting on.

Check out the dye here!

Audible – Affiliate Post

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I love audiobooks. They make my life much easier when I have multiple things to do during the day. Audible is one of the main sites I use to find audiobooks I want to listen to. It has a vast selection of not only popular audiobooks but originals and podcasts.

With an Audible membership, you get one credit a month. I know, many sites will offer you one credit a month but what Audible has over the other sites is that they have a huge collection of books included in their membership as well. It is hard to run out of things to read.

Use my link here to get a trial of Audible. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

War and Peace – Audible Audiobook Review and Affiliate link

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So yesterday I finally succeeded in finishing a book that I have been trying to finish for years. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Now if you read at all or enjoy historical dramas you have probably heard of War and Peace and considered picking it up. Unfortunately, for the average reader, it is a really, really long book. It is actually several average-sized novels combined. Plus two epilogues. In short, it is a really long book and a whole lot of effort to take in. But also an amazing classic that should be read by every reader at least once.

Most of us however do not have the time to take on this kind of book when we are expected to meet our daily deadlines. So I turned to my favorite audiobook site Audible and decided to see what options there were. I found quickly that there was a few old readings of it, but they seemed a bit dry. Finally, I found an Audible exclusive reading by Thandiwe Newton and upon listening instantly fell in love with her performance of this classic novel.

It still took me weeks to finish because I had to listen in my downtime but it was entirely worth it. I strongly suggest that you take a look at this reading and marvelous novel via this link! You will enjoy it as much as I did I just know it!

BookSirens – Affiliate Post

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So, getting book reviews can be difficult. Really difficult honestly. Thankfully there are a lot of places you can seek willing reviewers who will give honest reviews that should help you out. Once of these places is Book Sirens. I ran in to this site when I was recruited to join it as a reviewer through someone who found me on GoodReads. Its been one of my favorite places to find books to review since. Now if I could only find more time to use it!

They have a great collection of reviewers, including myself, that will happily read your book. Remember a book review not only helps people decide if your book is right for them, but it always is a learning experience for the author!

Check out BookSirens here!

What I read on – Kindle Fire 10 Review and Affiliate Post

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So I was asked pretty recently what it is I read on. I figured I would not only review this but throw in an affiliate link I happen to have with Amazon. Now if you have read my posts for a while you know I love Audible, which is an Amazon company, and as a book reviewer, the majority of authors I speak to sell their work on Amazon so naturally with these two things in mind I picked up using the Kindle.

So far I have owned three Kindles. The Kindle Fire 7, 8, and now the 10. And while I have enjoyed each and everyone on of them I have to say that I am particularly fond of the Kindle Fire 10. Why? Well not only is it the fastest so far, it is also the biggest. Why do I need a huge 10.1″ screen to read? Because I have amblyopia (lazy eye) and my eyes like to randomly unfocus when I am staring at text too long, which is every day, because staring at text is part of my job. The big screen makes it easier for me to change text size as my eyesight requires with out ruining the formatting of books to severely, which was an issue I had on smaller screens. (Yes, I have had to make text very large at times.)

Now beyond reading the Kindle Fire 10 is great for all your procrastinating needs with access to most of the streaming sites and Spotify. The one complaint, you can’t use Google play stuff on an Amazon device… but there are some pretty good substitutions through Amazon and Microsoft if you are in a real pinch.

Feel free to use my links to the three Fire Tablets I mentioned above and help support Books and Games so I can keep bringing you great reviews and interviews!

Bubbly Belle – Affiliate Post -20% Off when you use my code!

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So before I even begin I am sure you are wondering, why the hell does a bath-bomb have to do with books and games? Well if you are anything like myself you are either reading, or playing games on your phone/various handheld device while you soak up the bubbly benevolence. Plus I live in Florida and these joyous tennis ball sized bath-bombs are made nearby!

Yeah I use Bubbly Belle when I need a break. My mother introduced it to me, thinking that a long soak would help with my horrendous case of arthritis. It does. While I can’t say I have tried every single product from Bubbly Belle, I can tell you I have tried their Ring Bath Bombs. Yes I said ring! You get a lovely little gem tucked safely inside a little plastic container once you have soaked up all the delight of the bomb itself.

I am particularly fond of the massage scent which I could happily suck up every damn day. If you are interested in trying out Bubbly Belle you can use my link here. Or use my code B&G20 for 20% off!

I really hope you enjoy them!

AudioBooksNow! Inexpensive Audiobooks!

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Do you like audiobooks? I know I do. Sadly, they are super expensive. And even when you have memberships, they will still only give you a percentage off. Well, if you want affordable audiobooks, with our without a membership, you can check out AudioBooksNow! They sell some of my favorite stories for affordable prices and if you sign up for their membership, you get even better discounts and no worrying about whether you have any credits you have used or not.

If you use my link to AudioBooksNow, you can support as well as enjoy your favorite stories! Check out the link if you are interested! 50% Off your first digital audiobook.

Home Arcade Games!

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So arcades and their games were a fairly big part of my life as a kid. There was an arcade in the local mall and I would stop in there any chance I got. My friends would play DDR but I, naturally, would be running off to shoot dinosaurs, criminals, or seeing if I could actually get Pac-Man or his Misses further than the first level. I’ve never been able to get very far in a Pac-Man game for some reason.

Anyway, with the slow extinction of arcades, and the world going upside down with COVID making it so no one really wants to go and touch the same controls as hundreds of other people, I was excited to find Now admittedly, these home arcade games are on the expensive side, you there are payment options! I know I have a dream of picking up a totally awesome Jurassic Park game they sell.

Right now if you make a purchase from a portion of sales will go to so I can keep providing honest reviews! Feel free to use this link to check out the Jurrassic Park game I mentioned and many more awesome home arcade games! Jurassic Park Pro Arcade Simulator Available Now!

RedShelf – Digital Textbooks that are helpful!

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Let’s be honest. Textbooks are expensive. Really expensive. You use them for one semester, and can only hope to try to sell them back for less than half the price you spent on them. And of course, if you made any marks on the thing, you’re stuck with the thing taking up space or just chucking it in the trash. You can’t even give it away because another edition will probably replace the darn thing next year. In short, textbooks are a hassle.

You are not doomed to suffer this, however! As there is RedShelf! Honestly, I wish RedShelf had been a thing in the time long ago, when I was a college student! RedShelf not only offers textbooks, but they are very useful. You can highlight without ruining a book (its digital after all!) define words, create flashcards and even have the book read to you! This is only a few of the options RedShelf offers. They really have everything you need to get your study on!

Also, even if you aren’t a student, RedShelf offers a collection of fiction and non-fiction. I plan on checking out their collection the next time I have to do some research!

Right now if you use my link to RedShelf, not only will you secure yourself an excellent study habit, but you will also help support to continue to bring you honest reviews. You can find my affiliate link here! RedShelf Homepage

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