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I love audiobooks. They make my life much easier when I have multiple things to do during the day. Audible is one of the main sites I use to find audiobooks I want to listen to. It has a vast selection of not only popular audiobooks but originals and podcasts.

With an Audible membership, you get one credit a month. I know, many sites will offer you one credit a month but what Audible has over the other sites is that they have a huge collection of books included in their membership as well. It is hard to run out of things to read.

Use my link here to get a trial of Audible. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

War and Peace – Audible Audiobook Review and Affiliate link

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So yesterday I finally succeeded in finishing a book that I have been trying to finish for years. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Now if you read at all or enjoy historical dramas you have probably heard of War and Peace and considered picking it up. Unfortunately, for the average reader, it is a really, really long book. It is actually several average-sized novels combined. Plus two epilogues. In short, it is a really long book and a whole lot of effort to take in. But also an amazing classic that should be read by every reader at least once.

Most of us however do not have the time to take on this kind of book when we are expected to meet our daily deadlines. So I turned to my favorite audiobook site Audible and decided to see what options there were. I found quickly that there was a few old readings of it, but they seemed a bit dry. Finally, I found an Audible exclusive reading by Thandiwe Newton and upon listening instantly fell in love with her performance of this classic novel.

It still took me weeks to finish because I had to listen in my downtime but it was entirely worth it. I strongly suggest that you take a look at this reading and marvelous novel via this link! You will enjoy it as much as I did I just know it!

BookSirens – Affiliate Post

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So, getting book reviews can be difficult. Really difficult honestly. Thankfully there are a lot of places you can seek willing reviewers who will give honest reviews that should help you out. Once of these places is Book Sirens. I ran in to this site when I was recruited to join it as a reviewer through someone who found me on GoodReads. Its been one of my favorite places to find books to review since. Now if I could only find more time to use it!

They have a great collection of reviewers, including myself, that will happily read your book. Remember a book review not only helps people decide if your book is right for them, but it always is a learning experience for the author!

Check out BookSirens here! – Book clubs for kids!

This blog post has an affiliate link which, if you use and make a purchase, will supply me, the owner of a percentage of sales which will go to continuing to pay for the use of this website. You can find further information on my affiliate usage here:

So if you have read any of my reviews for books aimed at children, you know that I take children’s literature very seriously. I have a few reasons for this, but the main one is I grew up with dyslexia and hated reading. Even beyond kids with learning disabilities, it can be hard to help a child learn a love of reading. Let’s be honest, the required reading in school is not always the most entertaining. So that is where a book club like Bookroo can come in handy!

Bookroo offers book clubs for children ages 0 to 12! That means you can find entertaining stories to help grow your child’s love of reading from the time they are in the cradle till you’re crying because they got their first crush in school!

You can check out Bookroo today with this link and not only will you find some entertaining book clubs for children, you will also help support so I can continue to bring you content! Check out the link below!

Join our Middle Grade Chapter Book Club now! Monthly, 3 month, and 6 month subscriptions available on!

Grammarly – Helping you Proofread

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If you write a lot for a living, or just for fun, you probably find that you spend a lot of time editing your content. Which can be time-consuming and difficult at times. The English language is a tricky one, even for a native speaker. We do not remember all the rules we were taught back in school. And sometimes you never even think of the more complicated ideas. Like, the difference between a comma and an Oxford comma. Thankfully in today’s modern internet world, we have applications like Grammarly, which help you quickly and easily fix your writing.

Grammarly is more than a spellchecker, so do not let that fool you. It also displays how well you are doing right on your screen, telling you the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your writing making sure that beyond spelling correctly, your writing also makes sense. Now these are just the free features, the premium also offers you even more, such as punctuation in complex sentences and word choice suggestions!

I used Grammarly to write this affiliate post, and I strongly suggest people give Grammarly a try, and if you use my link here with this post, you can also help support with your purchase. Check out Grammarly here:

History Hit

First of all, this isn’t an ad, it is a genuine review of a website I adore.

Are you a history nerd? I am, and I wear it with pride. I can sit back and inhale any topic of it for any extended period. If I could, I would spend all day with my head in a history book, or various websites. Sadly, this is impossible, so I have to consolidate the locations and time I spend doing so. I used to turn to YouTube for my fill of historical information, though they may not always be accurate, until I found History Hit.

For a low subscription fee, I pay $4.99 USD as month, you can get access to hundreds of history videos, podcasts and articles. History Hit has content on everything from ancient history, to medieval, 20th century and a lot more. And trust me, they do not limit the content to the famous well-known people either. This is content for people truly interested in history. I am particularly interested in the middle ages content they provide and never find myself disappointed.

I strongly suggest this site, if you are interested in history at all!

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