Awesome Female Video Game Heros

Women in video games are nothing particularly new. Any gamer can name a handful. And even someone with little game exposure can often at least name Princess Zelda, even if they may mistake her for Link and Princess Peach. But there is much more than a handful of well-known damsels in distress. And no, IContinue reading “Awesome Female Video Game Heros”

My Obsession with Anne McCaffrey books

Anne McCaffrey has been my favorite author since I was about fifteen. Though my interest in her work started much earlier than that! My mother had picked up the books long before, I even had any idea reading could be fun! I heard her speaking to a friend about it. Though, unfortunately, I had aContinue reading “My Obsession with Anne McCaffrey books”

Global Investigative Journalism Network

What is the Global Investigative Journalism Network? Well, it is more or less exactly what it sounds like! GIJN is a group of multi-international investigative network for journalists all over the world. The group comprises over 8,000 journalists in 140 countries. They provide these journalists with recourses and the best training possible. So why amContinue reading “Global Investigative Journalism Network”

The Letter – Visual Novel

The Letter is a supernatural horror visual novel developed and published by Yangyang Mobile. It is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS and Android. This means you can play it on pretty much anything you own as long as it uses one of those five operating systems, and lets be honest, that is pretty muchContinue reading “The Letter – Visual Novel”

Coping with Dyslexia Part 1. A handy tool!

So it’s not something I like to talk about often, but I am dyslexic. Clearly I have gotten over most of the issue as I can read and spell with less issue than I used to have. This has been with years of practice, spell checking and of course various programs that will help meContinue reading “Coping with Dyslexia Part 1. A handy tool!”

Two new ideas being added to the blog!

So, after a bit of consideration I have decided to add a bit more to this blog. On top of reviews for various reading material I will also be adding a blog about coping with dyslexia and the tools I use to get through it. This will be tools, or tricks I’ve picked up overContinue reading “Two new ideas being added to the blog!”

Fantasicland: A Novel, By Mike Bockoven – Audiobook Version

FantasticLand: A Novel by Mike Bockoven is a fantastic book, I just finished the audiobook version on Audible. Many audiobooks are a dull droll that can leave you half asleep by the time you finish. Now this is not say that FantasticLand’s only thing going for it is the stellar performances of the voice actorsContinue reading “Fantasicland: A Novel, By Mike Bockoven – Audiobook Version”

The Fighting Man by Adrian Deans

The Fighting Man by Adrian Deans is a fantastic example of historical fiction. As a whole I enjoy historical fiction but often dislike how the era that the story takes place is often romanticized, leaving the negative aspects of the world at the time out and replaced with only the grandest examples of the year.Continue reading “The Fighting Man by Adrian Deans”