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Hag of the Hills – Book Review

Hag of the Hills by J.T.T Ryder is the first book in The Bronze Sword Cycles. It is a prehistoric fiction novel. Now I am aware the average person may read that and think something like. ‘Oh geez, it’s a novel about cave dwellers?’ Don’t be silly. It simply takes place in a time before history was recorded in the written word. The story follows Brenn, a young man living in Celtic society, as he tangles with ancient mythical beings as they try to take over the island of Skye.

Hag of the Hills is an exciting story full of all the battle rage and drama one would expect of a historical fiction novel taking place in prehistoric times. The locations, history of the various people, and descriptions of their clothing are well researched, and the author has spent more time making sure that his book holds up in the hands of history lovers. Not only are we provided with a wonderfully researched world, but they also provided us with a guide at the start of the book explaining how to pronounce the various names of locations, beings, and people in the book. This comes in handy if you are not learned ancient Celtic languages and myths, as many of the pronunciations can be complicated.

Hag of the Hills is a must-read for fans of historical fiction. Pick up this story and look around the ancient world that J.T.T Ryder has displayed for us. You will love it.

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Digital Retirement – Book Review

So you could be wondering. What’s with the sudden posts about non-fiction books? Why am I suddenly throwing in reviews for short info filled books about making a living and retirement? Because the world sucks and we can all use as much advice as we can get these days. That in mind I recently picked up and inhaled Digital Retirement by Michelle Kulp and I was delighted to find out it was full of useful information, some of which I intend to put towards my writing soon.

Hoping that one day my husband and I will live off the rest of our years on his 401k is a pipe dream. We both know retirement is unlikely, so looking in to different ways to make money in our later years, or better yet, starting now, (I’m 34 and he’s 39) sounds much better than praying social security will still exists when we’re of retirement age, whatever that ends up being when we get there.

So you may be wondering. Is this books information even do-able or is it just a long ad for Kulps own products? Well, while the author certainly promotes her own work, which is only smart business, she also gives plenty of information that you can easily take away and make use of. I personally intend to give her book a month idea some heavy effort in the near future.

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Closer Than You Know – Magical Point and Click Adventure

Closer Than You Know is a point and click adventure. You follow a young girl who is trying to collect hope to bring home. I was able to play some of the demo at MomoCon and was almost instantly sucked in to the story of a young girl who was just having fun making her own toys, only to be contained for it! I know I will be picking this game up on Steam once I get home so I can find out the rest! I was able to speak to the devloper about her work.

Forgive the convention noise I like to post condid footage from creators.

I strongly suggest this wonderful game, which can be found on Steam for anyone who is looking for a story that will cheer up your day.

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Check X Mate a new spin on chess

Do you like chess? Of course you do. Don’t answer that. I personally do enjoy it. I suck at it, but I enjoy it. So I was excited to see that one of the games that had a demo for guests at MomoCon to play was Check X Mate. A game where the chess peices are actual characters in a magical story. Not only do you get to play a fantastic story, but you also get to brush up on your chess skills, or just prove to everyone that you are really a chess master.

I had the luck of getting a short chat with a developer. Here is a video of him telling you about Check X Mate.

I strongly suggest that if you are at MomoCon right now you find these folks on the exhibition floor and try out the demo for yourself.

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MomoCon Adventures incoming!

So while I have not talked about my media pass for MomoCon on my blog as much as I should have, I can say I have made sure to make sure that my social media pages know that I was heading out to s.Atlanta to cover a massive animation, gaming and comic convention. As you know from my previous coverage I adore this sort of thing, even though it feels as though I am running on bloody stumps by the end of the day.

So far, I am only one day in to things I have managed to gathers some interesting cosplayers, and some fantastic blurbs from game deverlopers whoes games I have tried.

Expect to see posts soon regarding each of the great things I have managed to find to share with you!

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Razer Affiliate Post – What gaming tools I use.

(This is an affiliate post. If you use my link to make a purchase I get a percentage of the sales which goes towards maintaining this blog. I will never suggest a product that I would not use myself and you can find my full affiliate disclosure at the top of this page or by following this link.)

So as many readers know I am a major gamer. I play all sorts of games, mostly MMOs, and I used to go through a mouse at least once every six months. I abuse these things to no end. So eventually someone gifted me a razor naga. I loved the thing and I used it for a few years before I eventually had to move on. My next mouse was a Razor Naga Trinity, which I have been using for a few years now. I know after these two amazing mice that I will be certainly using another razor product when I need a new one!

Feel free to check out Razor with my affiliate link to help out and get yourself a solid gaming product!

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Reader’s Favorite – Affiliate Post

(This is an affiliate post. Any sales made using the links provide me with a percentage that goes towards supporting so that I may continue to bring you amazing book and game reviews! I will never try to sell you something I would not use myself. Please check the site’s affiliate disclosure found at the top of the page, or at this link.

As you know, I like to try and show readers of as many interesting sites, apps, and books that may assist them in their book or game publishing journies. I mostly review independent games and books after all, and as a writer myself I know how hard it can be to get the much-needed reviews you need to sell your book as well as improve. One site I have recently become fond of, and become a review on is Reader’s Favorite.

Reader’s Favorite is not only a great site to get your book reviewed. But it is also a fantastic place for Readers. I recently became a reviewer for Reader’s Favorite and I have to say their review submission format is great. And if you are nervous about getting a review from this group, well, Reader’s Favorite only publishes positive reviews of four stars or higher. Worried you won’t learn anything if you are only getting good news? Don’t worry the reviewer has the option to leave you feedback!

If you are interested you can check out Reader’s Favorite for yourself feel free to follow this link!

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The Rise of Riverstone – Book Review

The Rise of Riverstone by Mandy Schimelpfenig is an absolutely amazing novel. Following the story of Laria Audrey, told in the first person, as she goes from her life as a privileged adolescent who like so many young woman, begrudges her family and her appearance, to a life as a servant hiding behind a lie of being deaf and mute.

The first thing that stands out about this novel is the fact that main character, Laria, is a genuinely strong female protagonist. Sure, she’s not hefting around a sword and taking off the heads of enemies, but she’s also not a wilting wall flower waiting to be swept up by prince charming. In fact, romance does not come up in the story until later chapters at a point where it fits the progression of the story and you actually feel for the characters you are reading about.

Besides the main character, each fits perfectly in the well-built world that the author has created for us. While we are only given a little bit of information on the world as a whole, and only two countries, you can tell that the author has put a lot of work in to her world building giving a vibrant world for the amazing characters to live in.

This brilliant fantasy novel is my new second favorite novel (sorry the first will always be Tolkien’s The Two Towers) and will be read and shared with friends seeing a good read for years to come. Plus unrelated to the story, the book is just beautiful to look at and a perfect addition to any collection.

Do you want to feel for excellently written characters and enjoy a lovely world? Pick this book up immediately.

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Audible – Affiliate Post

This post contains an affiliate post. Sales made from using my link give me a percentage which goes to support this blog! Affiliate sales make it easier to maintain the costs of site management and domain name. The fact that I get a percentage does not change my opinion on Audible.

Audible is one of my favorite audiobook sites. While it’s known that Audible has an amazing selection of audiobooks I have to admit I was rather stunned when I saw how much actually comes with an Audible membership. It is well known that your membership gets you one credit per month that allows you to buy any audiobook on the site and those credits remain for a whole year so you can buy a whole series if you desire. However, what stunned me was when I found out Audible has more than just audiobooks.

Besides the credit you get each month with your membership Audible also has a huge selection in their plus catalog. Due to this extensive catalog I am currently undergoing a task I had wished to do for years. I am listening to War and Peace! This massive tome is a book that I have wanted to read for years but never had the time to sit down and do so. This amazing narration by Thandiwe Newton brings the book to life, and being able to listen to it on the go makes it easier to get through this massive classic.

Below is a direct link to the book I am currently reading. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have been. I’ve only got about 19 hours left and loving every moment of it!

Try Audible and listen to War and Peace to experience this classic you know you always wanted to pick up!

You can use my QR code if you prefer.

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The Radius Book 3 – Book Review

The Radius Book 3: Fighting for the Radius by D.M. Muga is the final and most exciting book in The Radius series. Picking up on the heels of the second novel, this third installment continues the adventures of Ben Reilly and his friends and family as they reach the explosive culmination of this saga. Having met friendly faces from the dreaded Earth 2 that had been mentioned in the previous books, the group must fight with their new-found friends to defend what is left of their home and the human race!

Naturally it is hard to not find this sort of story exciting. Unlike with many a dystopian novel The Radius series, and particularly this last book’s characters have taken a balls to the wall approach. Heavily armed and not afraid to use their firearms when the situation requires it, and later more sci-fi technology, these characters are strong and well written. I found the female characters in this last novel to be particularly interesting, as the author manages to avoid writing them as overly sensitive and unreasonable character as often happens when male authors try to get deep in to the mentality of female characters. So we are left with exciting interstellar females who are as strong as their male counter-parts.

Now I should add that this is a violent book, while there is sci-fi violence, there are also some very bloody scenes that may be offensive to some people, however if you have reached this third Radius book then you know what to expect from Muga’s writing and will not be surprised by the decisions his characters make. Beyond the violence there is also sexual situations. In short, this is not a book for the young or sensitive to read. However, if you are looking for a realistic (for science fiction) end of the world read D.M. Muga and The Radius is a must read.

I found this book on Reedsy Discovery.