UE1: The Secret Revealed – Book Review

UE1: The Secret Revealed is a military science fiction novel by T.M. Ely, one that I almost passed over while going through the Reedsy Discovery list of books that I could review. Why? There were only a few days left to review it and I was unsure I would be interested enough to finish it in such a short time. However, I figured I’d pick it up, anyway. This was a great decision, as this book is amazing!

Not only did I find myself interested in the story taking place and the hunts that much of modern technology has come from various spacecrafts, but also the descriptions of the aliens that flew them to our little blue ball in space. Ely’s descriptions of everything from sight to smell leave you curious about what will happen next. So much so that when the book ends on just enough of a cliffhanger that you wish you can telepathically press the author to give you more. (Read the book and you understand that comment.)

Now, on to the nitty gritty of the books itself. At 60,000 words you’re looking at a pretty average length novel with plenty of time for character building, which Ely takes full advantage of in letting you get to know the well-written characters as you follow many and who doesn’t enjoy a well-written character?

The story itself takes place in times. During the aftermath of the famed alien crashes leading to the fame of Area 51, as well as in a future telling in 2008, which shows how long the military has been studying the contraptions left behind by the little green men. As this is a military science fiction piece, you may be worried that you cannot follow along with the jargon, ranks, and 24-hour clock readings. I assure you, even with the most mild understanding of the United States military, you will be able to follow along and enjoy this amazing book.

I got an Advanced Reading Copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery.

Crom The Barbarian – Gamebook Review

Crom The Barbarian is a Gamebook by W. Caddell using stories from Crom the Barbarian, a public domain character with some really heavy Conan feels, and an easy enough play system to learn, though definitely different from others.

This is not exactly like one of your old choose your old adventure stories. As the dice place a heavy role in how things are handled in each scenario. But you do have quite a few choices in how you can make your character, or simply play as the titular character Crom.

Now I am not going to go in to full details on the system or the stories you can play though this as that would ruin quite a bit of the excitement of picking up this book yourself. However, I will strongly suggest that, if you’re looking for a single player game to get your dice rolling kicks out of, this is a far game to pick up.

You can find Crom the Barbarian here! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/365040/Crom-the-GameBook?term=Crom+The+Barbarian

The Cabin Sessions – Book Review

The Cabin Sessions by Isobel Blackthorn is an exciting thriller following the points of view of various characters as they deal with being stuck in an enclosed space on Christmas eve and the various traumas of their past and crimes. 

Now I will begin by stating that the above is the most simplified synopsis I might give without ruining any of this amazing thriller. I was so in to this story that I made the huge mistake of staying up most of the night to finish the book. Normally when I do this, it ends up being a regret as I am exhausted and disappointed in how a book ended but The Cabin Sessions did not disappoint.

Moving on to the nuts and bolts now, the characters are realistic, even if they span various levels of lies and madness, but let’s be honest, what group of people does not? Each character is well written. As this story is told from the first person views of the characters, it is clear that the author took time to truly get to know each character as they all feel well rounded.

The Cabin Sessions is a must read of anyone who enjoys a good thriller!

Polar Night – Book Review

So I am going to begin by saying that there is nothing quite like a good monster story. Particularly one that looks at how monstrous people can be as well as whatever is going bump in the night. Polar Night creates a frightening environment because of both the strange eldritch horrors that await the cast of characters, and how those around them are handling the conflict.

Polar Night has a large cast of characters, though given the horrific nature of the story you do not get to attached to most of them. The ones you do, well it has been some time since I have loved a book that put characters through so much torture. Particularly ones I enjoy. Sadly, even my favorite character suffered an unfortunate loss, leaving me mildly annoyed but still unable to put the story down. This is always a sign of an excellent writer.

The story of Polar Night is fantastic. And while not every question is answered, this fits well with the story, as we don’t always get answers we want, anyway. Sometimes it’s fun to wonder what exactly something was. And you do wonder what the horrors the characters deal with really are.

Polar Night is a fantastic novel that I suggest you pick up. I will be reading it again some time soon I am sure.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

The Doomsday Medallion – Book Review

The Doomsday Medallion by Avanti Centrae is a curious combination of historical fact and fiction combined with a spy thriller. The story being part of a series; it follows a group of people who work for an organization known as VanOps. These people have fascinating skills that allow them to achieve their goals on their missions.

While not a huge fan of this genre, I figured i would give it a try with this book and I can say I enjoyed it. This was probably due to the slight fantasy aspect that this series has. 

The character of The Doomsday Medallion are well written and their interactions feel realistic, even if they may have some strange powers. The story of the novel is also very good, though I could not help but feel as though it ended a bit abruptly and person some of the loose ends felt a bit forced when tied up.

All in all The Doomsday Medallion is an entertaining book and worth picking up!

Sinomia:The World of Dreams – Middle Grade book review

Sinomia: The World of Dreams is a lovely middle age story about a young boy trying to cope with the idea that his parents are getting a divorce, and the mysterious dream world that he finds himself in while she dreams and the people within that help him come to terms with his reality. 

The story of Sinomia is one that is relatable to anyone who comes from a home with parents who have separated, and we all know those numbers are higher than many of them wish they were. I found myself able to relate to the issues of little Scott, though my own parents separated decades ago. And while I do not recall having any nightly adventures, children find interesting ways to cope.

The world of Sinomia is a colorful and creative fantasy world that the author clearly put quite a bit of work in to. The map at the start of the book is a finely detailed creation of world-building excellence, though still simple enough for the middle grade reader to comprehend. Alongside the world, the characters of Sinomia are colorful and creative people and creatures ranging from pirates to dragons.

Sinomia: The World of Dreams is an excellent adventure for any middle grade reader, particularly fitting for those who have come from homes that have divorced parents now. I would suggest picking up this book for your child it is an great read.

The Girl in the Corn – Book Review

The Girl in the Corn by Jason Offutt if a curious combination of fantasy and horror. The story leads two boys through their lives. One a boy who grows in to a man just trying to get by even though he knows there is some strange magic in the world and a monster wants to eat the world. And another boy who is quickly turned in to a demented murderer by the monster and goes through his life murdering in different ways after spending much of his life in a mental hospital.

This is a dark tale, bringing out some of the darker aspects of fae and other folklore. Showing their mischievous and murderous ways and not focusing on the popular, sweet, helpful magical aspects that many people seem to think of. The fae in this story are certainly no Tinker Bell fairies.

The story is exciting and ranges most of the two boys’ lives, showing you how they have interacted with the monster and each other from the time they are small children until their adulthood. The characters are realistic, and their reactions to what goes on around them makes sense. And quiet a bit seems to be going on around them.

Over all The Girl in the Corn is a great book, and I would strongly recommend it to fans of dark fantasy.

Uprising – Book Review

Uprising is the second book in a series by C.R. Dempsey. The book picks up where Bad Blood left off, bringing us right back in to the violent and dangerous life of the main character, with a slight more focus on some side characters than the first book had. Uprising is just as exciting as Bad Blood. There is plenty of adventure and the characters continue to be well thought out.

As with the first book in the series, the history surrounding the world during Uprising was well researched and the lore of the fictional parts of the story fit the setting properly.

Uprising, much like Bad Blood, should be picked up by fans of historical fiction stories!

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place – Book Review

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place is a hauntingly (yes, pun entirely intended) fantastic novel about a woman who is mysteriously killed and forced to haunt the building she was living in. However, she soon finds that she is not the only ghost in the area, and there may be much worse than the person who ended her life looming around Thorwald Place. What is that? Well, you will have to read the novel to find out.

The main character’s ghostly adventures display the ghosts housed in the expensive apartment building are far more than just the obvious. The twisted and dark pasts of the various tenants are put on display for the ghostly wanderer as she tries to figure out who killed her, and how she can prove that. Betrayal, anger and nearly every other dark emotion can be found in the various homes of Thorwald Place.

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place is told from two points of view. One being that of the deceased main character as she tried to figure out who killed her, along side other people reading her journal. The two storylines come together to show you how things really happened, summing up the story in a satisfying ending.

If you are a fan of mystery, horror, or just looking for a good ghost tale, make sure you pick up this novel!

The Lucky Diamond – Book Review

The Lucky Diamond by Valinora Troy is an exciting fantasy adventure that, while aimed at children, is certainly exciting enough for even an adult reader to follow along with. I had a great time following siblings trying to find their uncle in a creative fantasy world will many colorful creators and magical beings. 

The story of The Lucky Diamond is a creative adventure that I found myself getting in to from the beginning. Watching the children live their lives from a drastic beginning to a happy ending was exciting every step of the way. 

The characters are fanciful and well thought out. Even the magical creatures and people feel as if they are grounded in the world and make sense for the setting. Including a flying canoe I found myself particularly fond of.

The Lucky Diamond is a great read, and if you have a children of middle age reading, or you just like to read everything that crosses your path like I do, I would suggest picking this up. You are going to have a whole lot of fun!

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