The Shadow of the Mole – Book Review

Shadow of the Mole by Bob Van Laerhoven is another exciting novel by a skilled writer. Taking place in France in 1916 during some of the bloodiest fighting of the first world war a group of soldiers find a man claiming to have no memory in an abandoned mineshaft. They soon refer to him as The Mole and a curious collection of questions arises. Why does he have no memory? Why does he think himself dead? Where did he come from? Why is he so close to the field of battle? Of course, as usual, I will not ruin the story by answering any of these questions for you. Go read the book, but it is exciting to see how each of the characters, including the Mole, are displayed.

I was not entirely sure how I was going to like this novel, I usually avoid stories involving real wars, as I are a bit on the sensitive side, however, having read a book by Bob Van Laerhoven I decided I would do myself a discredit if I did not read it. And even more luckily, they offered me an audiobook. This allowed me to not only enjoy the story but also experience and amazing narrator which honestly helped me understand many of the French words this book has, and it has a lot of them, on a level that I probably would not have grasped if I was just reading it myself. 

The Shadow of the Mole is a must read, or listen, for anyone looking for an exciting war time thriller.

You can check out Bob Van Laerhoven’s twitter here!

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